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  1. Luton has been one of the biggest gainers in recent times which is probably why its hit the skids now , only so long you can keep going up near double digits per year.On rightmove seens some quite big falls recently and rents are certainly under some pressure. Made me laugh a few weeks ago the local free paper front page ..Luton top town for Londoners to move to ..underneath article on the rising cost of homelessness in the town due to unaffordable housing ...jee I wonder if there is a link between the two ...
  2. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-eu-migration-germany/eu-may-need-rules-to-stop-doctors-emigrating-german-minister-idUKKCN1P70GV No idea how to police that but its interesting they its being relized that countries poaching over EU countries skilled people does have a downside
  3. The way they are building housing developments and warehouses between Luton and MK they will virtually be one town soon !
  4. Clearly though the average person hasn't benefited from that GDP boost .
  5. He is gambling on the apartments going up in value once Brexit is sorted ..seems to me they where overpriced in the first place and the builders have gotten a lucky escape .
  6. https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/education/30-of-luton-s-children-go-to-underperforming-schools-1-8729069 Just says recent so I assume its in the last year ...
  7. Do they ?My council had to find 57 places in a month for kids all from Romania recently and the school performances in the town are all slipping as they are struggling to accommodate children from Europe with poor English.
  8. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2016/06/24/joint-statement-uk-referendum/ If they are going to offer the deal they are leaving it pretty late in the day ...
  9. Didn't the EU ,right after the leave result state that Camerons deal was no longer valid ?
  10. Mine weren't feckless they just all died young , same as grandparents
  11. Luton , clearly When you can get this lovely ''penthouse '' overlooking a main road and outside carpark .. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-58285410.html
  12. Was just outside the local Connells big signs up advertising BIG SALE Every house on the window has a sale sign and a reduction
  13. Look at the comments they all want lower prices I like this one especially
  14. Agreed and its something like this Labour /Corbyn will sieze on the grab a large share of younger voters !!
  15. So the average increase on a mortgage a month is about the price of a large Pizza from Dominoes and yet people are acting like its the end of the world !!
  16. Least the chicken shops / bookies don't cover the town with signs advertising their services to sell your home to London buyers on their books ..
  17. I have the opposite where I am, loads of them opening up they are rivalling chicken shops and betting shops for volume on the high streets
  18. Up to 2mil customers and only 26k left is still not bad considering how bad the issues were , I would have thought there would have been a far higher amount .Financially though they have taken a big hit as has their reputation
  19. Reductions still happening but the pace of new flats ie investment opportunities springing up shows no sign of stopping Luton apparantly is the one area bucking trend on BTL returns so people still piling in .HTB shows its very obvious price inflation here 2 bed flats around 180-200 , a new build 2 build is 280 plus . As well as flats alot of new developments of new build 4/5 bed houses ranging from 500-800k again HTB heavily advertised
  20. Lost 26k customers , gained 20k ..so could of been alot worse
  21. I would agree that another vote is needed based on what Gov agree's , how that works is anyone's guess though ..another ref or GE based on Parties campaigning on stay or leave ?
  22. On same day 6000 jobs are going at HOF and Poundworld looks like going bust with more job loss's but yeah the labour market is just great at moment ....
  23. Just got a letter from Halifax informing me HTB Isa rate is dropping from 3.5% to 2.25% from August ..
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