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  1. 33 minutes ago, ForGreatLager... said:

    This is currently trending at the top of Twitter. The vast majority of tweets understand it’s a total scam. There’s a few MSM articles about it now. Hopefully this latest extension is the last ?

    Saw the same , people are understanding that all it does it make them take 2 loans ( gov loan .Mortgage ) and increase the prices ..its does nothing for affordability 


  2. 24 minutes ago, MARTINX9 said:

    Cinemas make most of their money from selling popcorn, drinks and food - not the currently loss leading £5 cinema ticket they are charging now even in London.  They would go bust otherwise.

    How do you eat a huge £5 box of popcorn - which takes some people half the length of a film - while wearing a mask!

    Of course no masks needed in pubs and cafes where in my experience people are being sat close together with very little distancing. 

    I expect few theatres will still be viable and may have shut for good by the time Panto season starts!

    I expect they are making a bit more from the presentation at the moment as they are showing old movies outside of the release schedules but yes most of the income comes from snacks.I don't see how you can police wearing a mask to eat a large popcorn and drink as you say 

    So currently cinema's have no new movies to show and may have to police masks wearing ..it's not looking good for them at all.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Social Justice League said:

    Boris..........."We need to squeeze that brake pedal"..........on opening up........lol

    By Christmas most of the country is going to be bust.  Quite obvious to see that this virus is going anywhere anytime soon.

    The Tories really need to just open everything up now if they want to stop financial meltdown but they also want to "save the NHS".


    If we are at the limit of what can be opened and now want masks in area's like Cinema's then yes by Xmas the country will be bust.I also can see the clamour to extend furlough coming soon.

  4. On 24/06/2020 at 13:08, gruffydd said:

    Just had a convo with the Director of a huge company (not property - services sector - food) - mentioned to me he was organizing redundancies so furlough money could be used through that redundancy process. 

    Which goes to show how utterly crazy this government policy is/was - just kicking the can down the road. Should've been used for retraining and working into the new normal (including protecting jobs) - not to keep things in aspic prior to sackings. 

    This government is seriously flawed. A bad bunch. Boris really is a terrible PM and his cabinet is serious subpar. 

    I know 2 people who are being made redundant but being kept on pay with the Furlough cash untill October , one of them was getting laid off regardless of Covid so as you say the scheme is madness.

    On house prices another friend has his up for almost double what he paid 5 years ago , ill report back on if it sells...suspect it will as the area still hot and he asking less for a 3/4 bed house than 2 bed apartments are being sold for locally.

  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/05/12/exclusive-treasury-blueprint-raise-taxes-freeze-wages-pay-300bn/?WT.mc_id=tmgliveapp_iosshare_AvTJPvDttLzZ


    A confidential Treasury assessment of the coronavirus crisis estimates that it will cost the Exchequer almost £300 billion this year and could require measures including an increase in income tax, the end of the triple lock on state pension increases and a two-year public sector pay freeze.


  6. 15 minutes ago, SOLZHENITSYN said:

    I would imagine an Army pension for someone of the rank Colonel, would provide a pretty comfortable life in itself. 

    This man is just greedy. As evidenced by the various tax avoidance schemes he has now entered. 

    Good luck to him, but I wouldn’t want to have £420k ties up in an Enterprise Investment Scheme! Especially with the economy looking as it does right now.

    He is up 900k in capital gain and we are supposed to feel sorry for him being taxed on this ffs 


  7. So say we revoke A50 or even stay what is the plan to say to people who voted out , we know your concerns this is how we address them ?

    If the ref is ignored or we have another how to the UK government then hope to tell the SNP not to push for another Indy ref ? A ref there and a Yes vote will leave us where we are now years or arguing back and forth with the country crippled by it

    Anyway May statement incoming  

  8. It's interesting to me this talk of retail collapse as literally right outside my office a new retail park is being built on land that has sat unused for 10-15 years. In my own town there is plans being put forward for a large retail centre on the outskirts of town so with all this talk of retail Armageddon who do they think will be shopping there ?

    On flip side Rushdon , Northants has a new retail park , Rushden lakes and that place at least traffic wise is busy every weekend 

  9. 4 minutes ago, thehowler said:

    Raises some interesting questions about currency. I'm assuming the Scottish economic situation precludes joining the Euro? Would they then continue to use the pound, with no control over the currency? Or would a new Scottish Central Bank take charge of a Scottish pound?

    I'm also guessing the EU would insist on border controls with England?

    I think we would be looking at BackstopV2 

    IndyRef win goes same was as Brexit years and years of arguing over how things are going to work , who owes what , who has access to what ...



    Handelsblatt TodayVerified account @HandelsblattGE
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    The European Commission proposed EU countries should conclude a new free trade deal with the US, liberating industrial goods from duties and unifying product standards. The plan builds on a July agreement with Donald Trump. #tariffs #international



    So where does this stand in the scheme of things with Brexit ?

  11. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-houseprices-rics/uk-house-sales-outlook-weakest-on-record-as-brexit-nears-rics-idUKKCN1PB005?il=0



    RICS’ measure of house prices in December was its weakest since August 2012 at -19, below the median forecast of -13 in a Reuters poll of economists.

    Prices were expected to remain flat over the next 12 months with the exception of London and south east where they have been falling, RICS said.



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