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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/05/12/exclusive-treasury-blueprint-raise-taxes-freeze-wages-pay-300bn/?WT.mc_id=tmgliveapp_iosshare_AvTJPvDttLzZ
  2. Would that explain this ? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/apr/01/british-american-tobacco-plant-based-coronavirus-vaccine
  3. Would it not be easier for the EU to just offer some long term extension , send it back to MP's who will get a get out of jail free card, vote for it and it just gets kicked down the road for years ? If the EU say No deal or 10 year extension its obvious Parliament based on this weeks voting will take the later
  4. Seen this in a dew adverts , but in general round my way they simply won't accept pets full stop so this won't much difference
  5. Leaving Brexit aside I wonder when we will get to the point where Prices going down isn't reported as the end of the world ..
  6. He is up 900k in capital gain and we are supposed to feel sorry for him being taxed on this ffs
  7. That's fine as I'd just add in that all 4 parts get a veto on any member of the Uk attempting to leave the UK ..
  8. So say we revoke A50 or even stay what is the plan to say to people who voted out , we know your concerns this is how we address them ? If the ref is ignored or we have another how to the UK government then hope to tell the SNP not to push for another Indy ref ? A ref there and a Yes vote will leave us where we are now years or arguing back and forth with the country crippled by it Anyway May statement incoming
  9. So in London the only way these people could buy is with a 40% loan from gov, with this not available when the property is no longer new just how many people do the think are going to be able to pay the full price ?
  10. I think the point is that Honda's main markets are USA/Japan /China so now with a Free Trade deal with the EU they can produce the European market cars in Japan and ship over and the USA market cars ,currently built in Swindon can be built direct in the USA instead.
  11. Is it ? People are so fed up with Tories and Labour they will vote for anyone else at this point
  12. It's interesting to me this talk of retail collapse as literally right outside my office a new retail park is being built on land that has sat unused for 10-15 years. In my own town there is plans being put forward for a large retail centre on the outskirts of town so with all this talk of retail Armageddon who do they think will be shopping there ? On flip side Rushdon , Northants has a new retail park , Rushden lakes and that place at least traffic wise is busy every weekend
  13. I think we would be looking at BackstopV2 IndyRef win goes same was as Brexit years and years of arguing over how things are going to work , who owes what , who has access to what ...
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