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  1. Is the correct answer and no amount of cleaning/decorating /putting some potted plants in the garden is going to help her with that issue
  2. Saw the same , people are understanding that all it does it make them take 2 loans ( gov loan .Mortgage ) and increase the prices ..its does nothing for affordability
  3. I expect they are making a bit more from the presentation at the moment as they are showing old movies outside of the release schedules but yes most of the income comes from snacks.I don't see how you can police wearing a mask to eat a large popcorn and drink as you say So currently cinema's have no new movies to show and may have to police masks wearing ..it's not looking good for them at all.
  4. If we are at the limit of what can be opened and now want masks in area's like Cinema's then yes by Xmas the country will be bust.I also can see the clamour to extend furlough coming soon.
  5. Noticable on the Treasury Twitter feed the majority of comments are asking about 2nd home sales..
  6. Mate stuck his house on market was sold for asking within a week Paid £180k about 5 years ago sold for £320k , sold to London buyers who spent less than 5 mins looking at it.He might have just timed it well as I suspect its not till furlough ends that the real fall out from Covid happens but for now market still booming here in Luton.
  7. I know 2 people who are being made redundant but being kept on pay with the Furlough cash untill October , one of them was getting laid off regardless of Covid so as you say the scheme is madness. On house prices another friend has his up for almost double what he paid 5 years ago , ill report back on if it sells...suspect it will as the area still hot and he asking less for a 3/4 bed house than 2 bed apartments are being sold for locally.
  8. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/05/12/exclusive-treasury-blueprint-raise-taxes-freeze-wages-pay-300bn/?WT.mc_id=tmgliveapp_iosshare_AvTJPvDttLzZ
  9. Would that explain this ? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/apr/01/british-american-tobacco-plant-based-coronavirus-vaccine
  10. Would it not be easier for the EU to just offer some long term extension , send it back to MP's who will get a get out of jail free card, vote for it and it just gets kicked down the road for years ? If the EU say No deal or 10 year extension its obvious Parliament based on this weeks voting will take the later
  11. Seen this in a dew adverts , but in general round my way they simply won't accept pets full stop so this won't much difference
  12. Leaving Brexit aside I wonder when we will get to the point where Prices going down isn't reported as the end of the world ..
  13. He is up 900k in capital gain and we are supposed to feel sorry for him being taxed on this ffs
  14. That's fine as I'd just add in that all 4 parts get a veto on any member of the Uk attempting to leave the UK ..
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