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  1. The tsunami of debt, unemployment and hpc that's about to hit us is going to create a serious amount of stress, depression and anxiety in society. The b*****er mentioned by the OP better get used to a long queue at his surgery, and hope that his PCT has invested serious money in psychological support...
  2. Hmmm... a BTL bathroom. Now, there's an idea!
  3. Anyone who's been round the block a few times in life will, alas, recognise the near impossibility of this. As 'the natural party of government' the Conservatives pretty much invented cronyism. The tragedy is that Labour has been able to mimic them so easily. DisQ's on the ball about Crapita, however. From a tiny company that basically used to run the odd conference they've burgeoned into an arm of the state. I'm not naive enough to think they wouldn't transfer their allegiances to another party should their Labour friends lose power, though.
  4. Hmmm... both flats relisted today at new prices. The second one has fallen to £67,500. "Pick a card - any card!"
  5. It certainly was in my case. I was ahead of the curve, as it was almost a year ago. If I'd had any real sense I should have s****ed it on a new car, a few decent holidays and the biggest plasma on the market, before declaring bankruptcy.
  6. Please, please, please don't waste your £5,000 in this way. Send it to me, and I will waste it for you.
  7. "Thanks to Gordon, I can pay my caddy to tear up my spare cash."
  8. I'm happy to add myself to the long list of congratulatees. You certainly suckered me into looking at the Rightprice listing which (magically!) increased in value by £10,000 overnight. Thank you for revealing how EAs monitor Rightmove and adjust their prices accordingly. Some factors you may like to think about... The supply of Polish child-minders preapred to accept your low-cost childcare proposition is likely to dry up pretty shortly (something to do with the UK economy being fooked up, I believe). All those white goods you've bargained into the deal will break down and you'll wonder why you were ever conned into shelling out £10k for them in the first place. Interest rates may rise to 16% or more. Good luck in arranging your fix, as those days arrive. Well, I know one or two EAs who are in the hydraulics / pneumatics business... Enjoy your new home, markyh - all those fish eye photos left me feeling a bit dazed.
  9. Not a high street exactly, but just my observations in perambulating around the Wirral. In early February, I spotted half a dozen small traders closed up, with bailiffs or administrators posters on their doors - a hairdresser's shop, a restaurant, a cafe et al. In Birkenhead, Woolworths has gone, of course. A trendy bloke's shoe and clothes shop (OSC) finally shut its doors last weekend, after a couple of months running a Closing Down Sale. I was gutted, as I had managed to pick up a couple of pairs of Jack Jones boxers for a couple of quid each the week before. After test-driving them with a lady-friend of mine - to great acclaim - I thought I'd better stock up at that price, only to find they'd shut up shop. (For a former trades union leader, that guy had a great eye for men's underwear). Judging by the tumbleweed, I'd suspect that mobile phone shops are a dodgy place to be working in right now. One by-product of the current economic climate is that when you see the words 'Closing Down Sale', at least you can realistically expect it to be true...
  10. My guess is four years - guaranteed! However, your capital may be at risk.
  11. I wonder how much of the £17k cc debt went on the ear op? Just a thought - but if it's only 2 months old, maybe she's got a case for a refund? <<Hugs>>
  12. Sadly, it's going to be a growth area over the next few years, so it's good advice to consider it as a future career path. Your skills can be put to the greater social good. Your book deserves to be a best-seller - good luck!
  13. Jasper and Justin, senior partners at Sibleycon Estate Agents, celebrate their company's first house sale in 6 months. 'Next stop, Gravy Central, driver - we've got a train to catch!'
  14. Possibly Q4 of this year. I'm sure prices will fall further after that, but it suits my personal circumstances to want to have a house by then. I'm currently renting a flat and have stashed my savings away as safely as possible. It will all be about affordability. I'd prefer a long-term fix as I got my fingers burnt when IRs were 15% last time round. So, if I sense IRs are going to go through the roof, I'd consider starting to make offers. Not likely before Q4 though.
  15. There's a car showroom near to where I live. When I want to have a look at what's on their forecourt, I've never been asked to prove my ability to buy. Yeah... maybe I'm building up the salesman's hopes by having the temerity to have a look at what he's got on sale, but I think even he has worked out that I might want to drive a bit of a bargain if I did have my eye on something. He's probably priced his cars accordingly. Now and again, he'll get some mug along who wants to pay full whack, without any haggling - people who 'Haventaclue' exist everywhere. But it won't be often. He might even tell me that, if he doesn't make this sale then he won't be able to pay the mortgage this month.It won't make me inclined to pay over the odds though, however sorry I feel for him.
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