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  1. "Rentier Class" - is historically the people who live off rents. Generally taken to be owners of property who don't get involved and employ agents or landlords to manage land or buildings on their behalf.
  2. I enjoyed it a lot, most of it was entertaining. Most of the Foxtons stuff was things you imagine might go on and seeing them confirmed some predjudices. A couple could have ended up over-paying even more than usual. Very Funny seeing the 2 bbc reporters whizzing around in their Foxtons minis. Two bits were really shocking for me. First was the property developer colluding with 2 estate agents to swindle 50k out of an old bloke who had inherited a property. That was driving down prices for their own advantage. Even the vendor was being ripped off. The second was arranging the false ID in or
  3. Its the US $ deposit (Savings) account I have rather than US $ cheque. I have always kept more than $5,000 in that account anyway ("just in case"). With CB any US $ cheque transfers in are free and when in states you can withdraw from their atm's. I use it in conjunction with the UK current account. Its little used to be honest. The interest rates are miserly and I no longer buy or sell US shares or travel that much. If you prefer to keep things simple,try to keep your money in highest IR possible, don't travel or need US in cash or make many transfers then its probably not worth bothering w
  4. Well I meant "energy" as in the convenient form consumers have got used too. I have faith that property bubble will resolve itself. It seems every month the property hot spots shift further into developing lands. Recently I have seen glossy sunday supplements extolling Estonia, Dubai, Argentina. Next thing will be India, China at which point your third world savers will stop saving and join enthusiastically in the property game. Its the global side of the bubble that hasn't played out yet.
  5. I know it doesn't matter, but your list of culprits ought to have included It was the Vendors in your list. I'm still think there will be a major correction. The thing probably holding things together is the easy supply of money. Globalization is the force mantaining our first world life style. There are hundreds of millions of third world poor who have entered the money economy. Many are good savers and their hard earned money flows into the global property bubble. So add It was the thrifty third world savers to list. I'm confident about the medium/long term world economy. Including the
  6. Its worth checking out Citibank UK as well. I have a US $ deposit account with them. You draw from it using a Visa debit, which is good if travelling in the US. I have a current account with them as well, just with a modest amount in it. It allows you transfer electronically between accounts and to/from domestic/overseas banks inexpensively.
  7. I'm not keen on the gloating either. The ones general in tone are OK, it the ones celebrating job losses, terrorists acts, natural disasters as leading to fairer/lower house prices leave a bad taste. Worse even than the bull bragging. I suggest a GHOULS category to go with TROLLS. No reason someone couldn't be both.
  8. I'm not a victim. I've never bought. If I'd played a better hand, could have long ago and been a STR as well. But my life went differently, most of the responsibility lies with me.
  9. I've got mixed emotions with this anecdote. One hand its one of the signs I've been looking for, the last desparate buyers arriving. My feeling is that we are little further back in the cycle than most posters here. So this is a good sign, the least informed buying right at (or just past) the peak. But this anecdote it also a little sad, these well meaning but misinformed people are likely to suffer. I'd like to see house prices when they start to fall rapidly (probably 2 years time) being reported as a healthy, natural and long term good thing for the economy. These investors sound like the
  10. There no way I'm buying in the near future. I've looked and seen some places that would be suitable and affordable to me if prices only dropped 20% (that would be including inflation nearly a third off the 2003 peak). However, these are brave words spoken while I'm single. The fair sex seem to regard me as some sort of weakling who needs to be led.
  11. My aim is to bring some romantic ideals and mysticism to this forum.
  12. This is the sort of closure that its hard to get upset about. Where I live there is an abatoir that has boomed, believe or not since the foot & mouth crisis. Due to its state of the art facilities and excellent transport links its has doubled its workforce since 2001. Probably at least 4 other local abatoir closed.
  13. A 90k semi and he earns 30k. Sounds very affordable. Is it on a North Sea Oil Platform?
  14. I grew up in a house like this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property/7846988 at 215k Another one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property/7646357 at 210k Thats N Chelmsford, Melbourne/Patching Hall Lane areas. According to nethouse prices they doubled from 2000 (90k terr, 110k semi) to 2003 (180k Terr, 230k Semi). These are 60's, 70's estate houses, more typical of family houses than the 2beds built in the centre of town. I find these prices just as amazing. Particularly as areas in North East London Waltham Forest/Redbridge have seen price drops of 5-10% for comparable house types. Of course
  15. Nor those exiting the housing market in the UK altogether. However, on balance lower/affordable housing benefits the vast majority. The Evan Davies article (BBC) referred to by other posters is very good on that. I remember at work it been discussed and agreed with, even by those who were of the "my house is my pension" school of thought.
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