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  1. Three phrases I am sick of 1 "Baby Boomers"...albeit shortened to Boomers. 2 "Keep calm" and do whatever. 3 Kicking that freakin can somewhere down some freakin road.
  2. Funnily enough I have just opened an account with Peter Schiff's bank. Fully reserved up (as you would expect). My friends in the USA are pig sick because they can't open one there. It's open to everybody except Americans...ironic eh?
  3. I was about to watch this and then read "Russia Today"...so I didn't. Get a grip man.
  4. I know the pitch as I went along to one because there was some nice grub on offer, plus some respectable plonk. I had no intention of buying but the Missus was spellbound. I think it was something like 8 grand for a one week (Majorca I seem to remember) when the average package holiday at the time around 200 quid per person. Interest rates were around 10% at the time (long time ago). I started to explain about the cost of money but gave up. Plus, at the time you couldn't even swap the week for summat else. Unbelievable but people were flocking to sign up...one bank manager (no kidding) said something like "that's only 200 quid a year over the next forty"...then we wonder why we have a banking crisis.
  5. To my mind Timeshare is almost as bad. Which idiots buy in to this crap?
  6. It's really strange isn't it? If you look at the census's for the 1800's a lot of people did this. Mind you the people who rented didn't generally have a nice home anywhere else.
  7. We have a small house but in a nice place. We can afford it and have no mortgage. To be frank I don't follow prices or even care what ours is worth. It's all got so crazy that for sanity you just have to step back and let the lunatics take over the asylum. Beating yourself up on sites like this is self-defeating and a waste of energy. I just come on here to view the general economic chit-chat and learn something if I can from people who know more than me. It doesn't stop me feeling sorry for the young people who have to pay these insane prices for a shoe-box but I have worn myself hoarse talking to people about it and getting nowhere. It's time to hang up mi Stetson. The idiots won.
  8. Well this is one lifelong football lover who won't be adding to their coffers. Won't be attending and won't be paying for Sky either. Pack of butties, flask of coffee, and walk up and down a few hills. Stick the PL up their whatever and as for the England team????
  9. Absolutely correct. Buy out the minnows once they have proved it up and fought with Greenpeace.
  10. Must admit it's nice...throwback to when you got a lollypop from the nice dentist as a kid (although I always thought it an odd practice for a dentist).
  11. Go over the border to Chester and you can tick your pick of four that I know within the city walls alone.
  12. Remember watching him live way back when. Brilliant.
  13. Now you're talking...SPEW (Subsidized Petrol Equity Withdrawal). I can see it now. Fill up the car, don't go anywhere, and just leverage the amount in yer tank. Lovely Jubbly.
  14. There is...see my post on the Pound Bakery...sandwiches are a quid a pack as well. OK, nowt fancy but neither is the price. Girl serves you at the counter and then runs round to the till which is at the front door...can't quite work that one out TBH.
  15. You people have obviously never heard of the Pound Bakery then? One in Chester for instance. Two meat and potato pies for a quid. Two decent sized pasties (and Cornish pasties as well). If you only want one then it's 80p, so everybody buys two.No need to pay Greggs outlandish prices at all .Cheap and cheerful place is the Pound Bakery.
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