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  1. Is this old news? Only just heard of it today. https://www.maxbips.com/ Article about it: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/f15bd88e-ec98-11...?nclick_check=1
  2. Maybe I'm French, I try to avoid house prices as a topic of conversation. The original article is wrong. The chancellor has a shiny new red briefcase nowadays!
  3. I often travel between England and Scotland and only twice have I had any problems with retailers accepting scottish banknotes and in both cases it was for something already dispensed to me - petrol and a kebab! Both times I managed to convince them to take the note (though I nearly had to go without my kebab!)
  4. Here's a great quote from Freddy in 2001: "Lots of organizations I have seen are fixated with having a vision of the future and trying to get there.... The future doesn't always come out the way you think it's going to," http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/conte...24/b3736633.htm Maybe he knew all along!
  5. I complained to Thanet council about this and received this response. What do you reckon? : There are two sides to every story and unfortunately, on some occasions, both sides are not put forward. First and foremost, our thoughts and sympathies are with the family of Dorothy Hacking. We have exceptionally caring staff who worked closely with Dorothy and spent time looking into information about potential grants that could be accessed to help her pay for this bill, a fact which may not have come across in the article that you read. Our staff had very close relationship with her and were very upset to hear of her death. Because we were aware that this would be a large amount of money for leaseholders to find, the council spoke to everyone living in the tower block 22 months before they received bills. The final figure that leaseholders were asked to pay was actually less than the amount they were first quoted, as the job came in under budget. To help people, the facility to pay the money back over the next five years interest free is also available. Dorothy was the first leaseholder to pay the amount in full in January 2008. Finally, it's also important to explain that everyone who takes out a lease receives a Right to Buy pack, which clearly sets out the benefits and the potential disadvantages of becoming a leaseholder, so that they are fully aware of the responsibilities of becoming a leaseholder. This includes an explanation that they may be liable for additional charges, should major work such as this, which was essential, be required in the future. Madeline Homer Landlord Services Manager
  6. Why don't you try to find out the facts before coming out with such silly statements. As people have said here, the economic downturn might make Zopa a risky proposition because of people losing their jobs and defaulting etc. but Zopa itself is not a scam but a sensible, more ethical alternative to using a bank for savings/loans.
  7. Maybe the investors watched Evan Davies' program last night!
  8. I'm being sarcastic. Can't stand councillors, especially tory ones. I should add, I only read the replies on the first page and it seemed they were quite insensitive to the poor lady. Later posts were more sympathetic.
  9. I don't really know why but this forum really seems to act like the gutter of society and attracts all the worst scum! This thread is a good example; anywhere else and such a story would shock all readers but here it seems some future tory councillors can be found! Well done!
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