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  1. Still going up... Nationwide monthly
  2. I'd appeal the planning process if I were building my own family home and was requested I put up another house for someone else. Madness. I do nto want to live next door to soemone who can't afford to live there in normal terms. If I wanted to live on a council estate, I'd give up my job and start bludging off the state...
  3. Would be fantastic to cut this monster by 50%
  4. I was in Italy on Holiday and a couple of days before the end of the month, transferred money, as I do every month, from my business account to current account. Then carrie don my holiday as normal. It appears it was over the Bank holiday weekend and the money didn't arrive in my account until the day before the end of the month (May 31st). I was charged £175 for 5 DD's not going out. Upon calling them, they said the money for DD's need to be in the account the day before, so they have to be in the account, effectively, 24 hours before they are needed. I explained when the trasnfer was done (28th) and was told I didn't allow enough time. Serves me right as I try not to keep much money in my CA at any one time, but villainous none the less. I have been with this bank for 22 years, have been a good customer (my mortgage, loans, cc's all through them) have never missed a payment, never gone overdrawn, unofffcially, before and all they would refund is one charge (£25). My business account is also with them. I am switching to another. I hate them with a passion now.
  5. It's abbrasive and not to everyones taste, but jeez there are some [email protected]€rs on this site and I do bite like an idiot at times...
  6. Punter, I'll talk to you as you're no troll. I was discussing this with the architect 3 months ago as an exit strategy, we approached the planners, eventually, with 4* 5 bed at 2000 sq ft and 1 * 4 bed at 1600 sq ft. We were told planning wouldn't be an issue. If you are building houses, you will understand, that the major plus points at the moment are for density, hence 3 * large 5 beds would be less appealing than 5 * 5 beds on smaller plots. It was a plan that got as far as presenting plans to the council to see how they'd fair (positive). My wife, in the interim, has decided on the move to Devon, hence all the houses going on the market before next July. Its just not worth it I am, and have been, honest in this. The houses, as designed, were set back, slightly, from each other and, as I said, 2000 sq ft (1600 for the 4 bedroom). All now off the cards. I am not going to feed the trolls. The current house is 'only' 95 sq m (just over 1000 sq ft) and is selling for £350k. It's not a massive stretch of the imagination to see 2000 sq ft going for a little bit more. I am no longer interested in speaking to half the twats on this site. I'll not feed the trolls
  7. Sorry mate, been a long day dealing with cr€tins, not getting involved with another one; I have a strict fair abuse limit and my quota has been breached over November. Come back next tuesday and I'll cut you a Cr€tin's loyailty card discount
  8. Hairy troll, walter mitty, make your mind up. Be burned to many times by cr€tins on thsi site to get involved again. I don't, really, care what you think.
  9. Honestly, it really isn't worth talking to some people.
  10. from what I understand of it, call it a family spat gone vocal.
  11. Dubai really does have to count as the biggest non financial story of the year. Seriously overblown in what amounts to a nohing sort of issue. Quickly blown over with a few kow tows and bruised ego's. Reports of thousands of cars abandoned at airport just hot air...
  12. Couldn't fault you in any word of that. I will have the last laugh, I'm sniggering already awaiting the big guffaws once i get hold of my wife. I can't stand idiots who get into debates just to wind people up, I geninely cannot see how this achieves anything other than a strange sense of satisfaction at winding soemone up; are they really that sad? You obviously know this GOM better than me, but isn't his behaviour odd?
  13. No, sorry, I didn't, you put on a thread, that you have no interest in my thread about current market affairs re house prices, that I am a VI. I merely queried why you were reading it in the first place, and then posting on it, when it, by your own admission, you have no interest in it; it's just odd. Post somemore if you like, I really don;t give a hoot if you want the last word, I just find some peoples actions on this forum odd, yours included.
  14. And for randomly arguing the utter toss with people it would appear...
  15. But you appear still to be reading, and posting, ona thread which you have no interest in, at all; your words. do you not think that odd?
  16. What are you wasting your time about reading the thread then?
  17. There are a lot of bears on here who have markably changed my stance of the past year or so, I enjoy reading them, take them very seriously and don't really understand, from root, what they are saying. this has challenged me to go and learn a lot more about the subject matter. However, there are also a lot pf people who simply love to come on the internet and ride people, as they have nothign better to do. All this post was ever about, was saying, ok, I am fed up of anecdotals along the lines of 'he said, she said, I heard, someone told me, I know someone' and decided to track the sale of a real house. I stupidly, thought this might be a very good exercise in seeing how the market is actually performing, rather than speculatively performing. All I have had to deal with today, is a petty c0ck fight about winning arguments, when there really wasn't an argument to win, your friend GOM come on here to troll, plain and simple, and you lapped it up. That's why people have said shame on you, othe rpeople have read this and thought you've not acted well on this thread. That's your bag, you may be a very clever man Bloo, but that's not come out on this thread. Now, these are irrefutable facts: My home is on the market and has been for around 6 days all in. The price is £350k. I bought for £275k in May 2006 (agreed sale in Nov 2005). Now, lets see what happens. I have had 4 viewings. One tyre kicker, one offer, one offer, I am led to believe, in the offing, and one who bought another property local, with an extension already built. I have viewings every day until Sat. I will post what I accept as an offer and will let you know about the sale; that's the whole reason for this post. the time to gloat, shout, be happy isn't yet, the time for comment isn't really yet. You've added nothing to the thread, nothing at all.
  18. Thanks, now where did I imply you wanted my sale not to go through? Where's that? Or did I simply imply you don't like the fact houses are selling not far off peak, therefore destroying your assertion the market is in shitsville?
  19. Do what you like bloo, as far as I am concerned, you can go and gyrate on a dogs **** for all I care. you're a sanctimponious pillock and a childish bore. Goodbye bloo.
  20. no, you haven't, all day you have been a cheer leader for someone elses stupidity and, sorry, but that's an issue for you to correct, like the idiots who stand behind the schopol ground bully shouting yeah, you tell him. Childish at best, as others have noted. After that, you have tried veiled insults, veiled, but insults none the less. I get challenged daily by the problems I face in my line of work; I step up to them, I don't hate it. But you carry on Bloo, as someone said earlier, you can be a good read, but you're just being puerile and childish here and you're one click form being ignored; I have simply tired of your idiocy on this thread. It's not all about winning bloo, sometimes it cna just be wearing people down and I'm not going to sink to your level. Now cut it out and either add to the gist of the thread or move on. And saying you hope the sale falls through is more of a measure of who you are Bloo; thanks for pointing that out.
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