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  1. Knuckle down doing what? We make f**k all, and provide f**k all to the world besides dubious financial products. We've been a basket case for 30 years The whole of the last 15 years has been a mirage built on the ponzi scam that became of our financial system. Our only option will be plunder and pillage.
  2. I'll use Total more than usual. Compensate for the moronic protectionist minority. The protesting workers should be fired.
  3. There was a time when this board was full of intelligent analysis. Now? Shoe jokes.
  4. If that happened it would be the beginning of the end of the Monarchy. FFS. Some unelected German biddy, completely detatched from the reality of anyone else on Earth, dismissing an elected government? ******ing stupid idea.
  5. I just bought some (more) Barclays shares. Everything I read coming from Barclays says that they made money last year before write-downs. If they can avoid selling a share to the government they will be in a good position going forward. They cherry picked the best bits of Lehman in the summer for instance. Barclays P/E of 1.61 btw..
  6. I am loving this. Pay settlements are at the end of this month for my employees so my much ridiculed decision to link their pay to RPI (and not CPI) looks like it was a good idea right now..
  7. If we faced imminent global nuclear war and the destruction of all, there would still be the odd green shoot. Those selling bunkers, narcotics, and sex would be doing a roaring trade. It's all about perception. Always look on the bright side of life! Green shoots will never wither!
  8. Before this winter I largely ignored how much my electricity usage cost. 2 bed flat, built in the mid 90's, electric only. Storage heaters, electric boiler, loads of gadget stuff turned on constantly, occasional fan heater. Last winter my usage was about 40 KWH per day or ~£7 per day (£210 per month). The entire 2008 bill came to about £1300. This year I got myself an Efergy energy meter and placed it in front of the TV. I now turn everything off religiously, never use the storage heaters (~15 KWH just having 1 of those on), but do live in a less warm environment(!). Jumpers and blankets have made a comeback. The end result is that even over the last few weeks I am using about 8 KWH (£2.50) per day and anticipate a bill for the year of ~£450, even taking into account the criminal amount Eon now charge me. It's become something of an obsession and I think people are tired of me going on about it.. but.. £900 a year saving!!
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