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  1. the article and the post are fine, probably correct, bar the tedious canard of 'societal collapse.' There is no Mad Max-style dystopia on the immediate horizon. It has never happened in the history of these British Isles and isn't happening tomorrow or the day after.
  2. I'm glad there's a question mark at the end of the subject line. It allows me to say 'no.'
  3. Juvenile I know, a waste of time, perhaps, but I urge each of you to spend five minutes emailing the agents for the above properties with slightly abusive and/or bewildered comments. Failing that, just asked if the owners are prepared to negotiate to somewhere around 90% off their hoped for rentals.
  4. Rather than contend with the spurious findings of the report, why don't you give some thought to the character of the nations polled? The British are, supposedly, renowned for their pessimism, cynicism and sarcasm. There's every chance that the glass-half-empty responses demonstrate little of the reality of people's lives and life in these British Isles but speak more to the attitude of their residents, especially their attitude to such polling. Not to mention; if you hate it, piss off.
  5. I can bring to the table the 483 tins of spam I've been hoarding for just such an eventuality. I'm sure to be the envy of all. I may let you have a tin if you lend me your can opener.
  6. I would delineate the post-revolutionary fortunes of Russia/the USSR but I'm really not interested in debating the finer points of history with somebody who has spittle flecking their lips as they talk of chavs being rounded up and shot. YOU ARE A NUTCASE.
  7. How did you know I have a spice rack? Suppose I just seem the type, eh? The problem is that a great many excellent points and incisive analyses are contained in this here forum. But the armageddonistas taint much of it with the whiff of misanthropy and hysteria bordering on the crazed. If such posters are right, let me ask you one thing; how much better will you feel as rabid chavs and feral former EAs feast on the gore of your bludgeoned neighbours and loved ones? Will you comfort yourself with print outs of old postings and mutterings of 'told them so'? To reiterate - idiots.
  8. If I'm wrong I'll be eating your families, not feeding them (though quite why you draw this straw-man of a conclusion, I can't fathom). I wouldn't call somebody an idiot for predicting economic malaise such as companies' stock prices plummeting or house prices crashing as these things have happened before and will happen again. Equally, I wouldn't call the next person an idiot for suggesting that a companies' stock would rise, etc. I would, however, call somebody an idiot for relishing the prospect of the apocalypse. I would deem that same person a fecking idiot for thinking, as so many have in the past, that this time it's worse, this time is different, this time my sandwich board reading 'the end is nigh' is the last thing they'll all see. Much the same solipsism behind thinking, 'this time is different; house prices will rise and rise', don't you think?
  9. Christ but some of you people have seen Mad Max one too many times. Shouldn't the nutcases on here be sharpening their blades and darning their Rambo headbands in anticipation of the impending dystopia rather than posting? Idiots.
  10. It really depends on the number of cheap houses. I suppose for half a dozen, I'm willing to pay £50.
  11. Put your money into some of those anti-government survivalist groups that sequester themselves in moutain regions and forests, counting their cans of baked beans and polishing their guns between shooting squirrel and getting all Brokeback. By the sounds of some of the nutcases on this forum, there's substantial demand for the sector.
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