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  1. Perhaps we could simply reattach our currency to a gold standard.... Oops, I forgot, we don't have any gold now and even if we did they'd have to admit it was only worth bog paper :/.
  2. What makes you think its over? The publicly stated removal of troops? Having built themselves an 'embassy' so big you can see it from space, they appear to have filled it with circa 15,000 thugs, I mean workers! http://www.npr.org/2011/12/27/144198497/no-u-s-troops-but-an-army-of-contractors-in-iraq
  3. Calculate what you think the 2007 price would have been for the place. Deduct 30% Thats your maximum price. Deduct a further 10% and thats the initial offer. The HPC will be different across the country. Certain pockets will do better than others based on employment, school catchment areas etc etc. These factors will have a strong influence on whether prices crash or simply slump and must be taken into account in your pricing above Good luck
  4. some nice looking twigs strategically placed in the corners of the lounge... i feel my cheque book twitching
  5. I used http://www.compareconveyancingquotes.co.uk/ which is an online comparison site (there others to, just ask google or similar) As a result Im using a firm 250miles away that were far cheaper than all my local firms. They keep in contact via email and phone and I can't fault them. Their fee was £300 + vat plus disbursements on a 420k purchase
  6. Bars on bathroom window are a nice touch
  7. We went and knocked the door when we were interested in a place recently. Then we exchanged emails incase I had any more questions. Then we visited again. Then we discussed numbers and agreed a price and only then did we bother to involve an agent. Cut out the organ grinder and go straight to the sellers. Ask them if you can come and have another look around. Mention the offer you made and ask their thoughts. At least that way you'll know whether your wasting your time or not Good luck
  8. I posted something similar a while ago. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=156490&st=0&p=2829416&fromsearch=1entry2829416
  9. Hi there, I like to compare other similar priced properties around the area and ask myself which offers the best value for money. Unfortunately this is difficult when you don't know the area because you can't allow for local knowledge and price variations. That said I was interested to see a further 4 properties listed at the bottom of the page link, all of which were similar in price and which I felt offered either bigger living areas or bigger plot sizes, or both. Not being from the area I have no idea why that is, but if I was to draw up a list of the 5 properties I would price the others higher. Any idea on sale prices in the area a couple of years back? All the news reports suggest the Irish market has dropped considerably the last few years. Do these price reflect these falls? Best wishes
  10. When I look at the Nationwide graph on the home page it appears to show the average house price began falling in 2007 and is now sitting on the curved red line which I assume is supposed to represent the long term average? If that is correct how is it that the income multiple to mortgage advance is still so much higher than the long term? Has it moved higher? If that graph is correct then all thats left to come is the over-shoot amount? What am I missing?
  11. Property I'm buying has been for sale since early 2008. Started out at 600k, reduced to 525k, then 499k and recently to 430k Approached them direct, they are both desperate to retire and have been for the last few years. Visited a couple of times, reduced another 10k of the price which leave it 30% off original price. Whether its still over-priced I don't know, but its where we want to live and its got plenty of space for us so I'm prepared to take the risk. Good luck whatever you decide Phil
  12. 'If like me you think house prices are about to crash you are saying we face deflation - a deflationary crash of 1930s proportions.' Can you please explain as I don't follow. Why must we face deflation if one area of the market, namely houses are overpriced and can't be afforded at their current level? Why can't we have price falls (deflation) in some things and price increases (inflation) in others? If the price of basic raw materials are being pushed higher around the globe and we import these items either in their basic form; or after they have been manufactured into something else, then aren't we importing inflation as a result which will be made worse by our falling currency?
  13. I'd say its not quite that simple. Is the 3% gross or net? Is it guaranteed indefinitely, or for a fixed term after which it will fall? Is the mortgage rate fixed for a set term and set to rise at some point? (ignoring general rate rises) Might you have any need of the lump sum? Its much easier to get your hands on when its in cash rather than equity in your home.
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