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  1. you can already get a 2.99% rate which is a 2 year tracker - basically BBR + 1.49% tracker for 2 years but then surprise it goes up to SVR nearer 6% and it has a big fee. Somethign pretty interesting though is the news that Mortgage Express are waiving all their ERC's for those customers who move between Feb and Jun this year. I've seen it on Mortgages For Business, Times Online and the moneysupermarket site so guessing it must real. Pretty interesting if you're a mortgage express customer and obviously where Bradford and Bingley are in the sh1t with nationalisation, they've had to do something drastic.
  2. I've just got off the phone to my broker and I've been told Mortgage Express are waiving all their early repayment charges between February and June 2009 because they're part of Bradford and Bingley who have been nationalised. This is a big deal for me as I can now switch fixed rates and lender (which I was anxious about due to nationalisation) without the "2% of the mortgage" charge! I don't know if Mortgages for Business are the only broker handling this or not but if this effects you it's definitely worth making a saving. The website is [link removed]
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