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  1. If all contracts were cut from the same cloth and all developments were run by the same company you might well have had a point.
  2. Hi Subby, From the author of http://jamesclow.wordpress.com and http://www.jamesclow.info ---- With the greatest of respect, that only serves to confuse things even further. I had a real problem because I wanted to converse with other James Clow purchasers yet every thread online was either polluted or populated with all sorts of people - including those who had no vested interest in James Clow. Most were Titanic based with a host of others from all over Belfast and beyond - Ormeau Bakery etc ... I had noticed you had set up a separate Titanic forum - so why throw James Clow and Ormeau etc into the mix - that's just recreating this HPC forum which is a jack of all trades and master of none? On http://www.jamesclow.info - we kindly request that new applicants must have bought in James Clow ONLY. That's the only way we can keep private, together and talk without being drowned out by tyre kickers and others whose interest lies elsewhere. Not a criticism Subby, but your boards are a crackin idea for Arc TQ purchasers which is where you started. Fire in a host of other developments and it becomes difficult to differentiate you from all other forums (like HPC). I can see where the mix up originates - but James Clow is not within the Titanic Quarter developments.
  3. Sorry about the confusion guys, the address is [email protected] The square brackets and spaces are not a part of the address and are designed to stop spambots from harvesting your email address - now rectified for clarity All should be OK as I noticed you're signed nutella. Anyone else to have bought on James Clow - join us on http://jamesclow.wordpress.com or http://www.jamesclow.info ... (same thing - have removed the URL cloaking)
  4. Could they - or why would they be bothered? http://www.jamesclow.info was set up because there needs to be a central platform for James Clow purchasers only. We're all in the same predicament and I'd much rather we all bang 20 collective heads together than do it separately. Get in all in the same place and it makes it easier and more comfortable for everybody. Apart from that - it's not intended as a catalyst for mass action of any sort - there's no hidden agenda - it's good to talk - simple as. Everyone needs to stop talking about having difficulty completing and accept that it's just not gonna happen ... how can it? If any one of you was financially sound enough to complete then you probably wouldn't have bought there in the first place! Any professional investor worth his/her salt vacated the market long before James Clow arrived. You will only stop worrying yourself sick when you finally work out that this is bigger than all of us - developers included. To answer your question, someone set it up anonymously on behalf of several people they had spoken to - including one or two on this thread. It's entirely feasible that that someone might even have been me? How's that for paranoia Now get yourself over there if you've purchased and we'll see about getting you some counseling
  5. If you've purchased on the James Clow development you'd probably be interested in having a look at this site: http://www.jamesclow.info - It's not a case of people not wanting to complete - it's simply not going to be technically possible. The very nature of that development leans towards the majority being prospective owner occupiers. Put very simply - if the developer decided to knock 50k off every apartment tomorrow - the vast majority would still have serious difficulty completing. Neither the developer nor the purchaser are in the market for a long and protracted court case which cannot end successfully for either party. As the months progress, developers, banks and purchasers are starting to realise that the answer is one that is palatable and workable to all. Any developer on any project can threaten to take you or I to court - but if they can successfully sue - they'd also need to be happy with a payback of £150 monthly for the next kazillion years.
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