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  1. If people want to come here and work here then fair play to them but I have never understood why the UK has to foot the bill to support them in this way via the welfare state. Surely their own country (or Europe itself) should be providing the money for them to be here in this way?
  2. I was a little surprised that they were allowed to base a lot of their campaign ad around how confusing AV is as I thought they were purposefully trying to make it sound even more confusing.. Suspect most of my extended family with stick with what they've got if they don't understand it - perhaps that is the point! Did enjoy Rik Mayall tho.. we need some more on our TVs But tbh was just sat there annoyed that no matter what the system, my MP is all over me one minute and couldn't give a flying the next...
  3. I see it is on under 5 different EA's on RM, how desperate. £350k, how scary.
  4. Tut Tut! My memories of sales esp. for Menswear are that they just bring a load of tat in from somewhere to flog off rather than reduce anything you might want. Last year we made our way down to beach, went past the queue for Trostre down Swansea way and that went back, well, almost back to the M4 lol. After panic buying all that crap pre-xmas why do they feel the need to do the same on Boxing Day rather than say eat, drink and be merry ?
  5. Those figures are very interesting. Initially I had thought that JL were spinning the figures like the BBC had in reports (rather than report figures are down they reported figures were down when we had snow but up afterwards, but not sure about overall).. I guess things must have picked up a lot.. Snow affects shopping at The Mall
  6. Yer, I suspect they will try and cut services (annoying one for me as I like a good walk is all these public toilets closing) rather than looking first at their own waste (Ie. pointless jobs) There is a big council housing estate (concrete cancer style) at the back of me (people all booted out) destined to be demolished and replaced by new social housing, I'm guessing it may have gone past its demolish date because of funding? Company I used to work for made so much money off councils for services they did ... so much waste there without even beginning on people's jobs or "frontline"....
  7. Yes, you're born, you collect trinkets, you die. Make the most of it. But, would I like to be a part of this generation? No. They have been stitched up on so many levels. Sold the dream but the reality is bugger all jobs or prospects, big debts if you try to better yourself and not too much chance of ever getting onto the property ladder (right, wrong or otherwise). Oh, and the music is shit. Enjoy.
  8. I really can't believe it either, why the hell is Cheggers involved? Can anyone imagine Lord Prescott tucking into any of these recipes? http://www.lovechips.co.uk/chip-recipes/ Did we actually pay for this sh1te? Wondered where all that tax went... can't beat a nice new potato!
  9. This is meaningless though in the current system.
  10. On a tangent, remember seeing a sign saying 2/3rds sold (out of 7 flats), still don't understand that one lol
  11. Went from Bath to Newcastle, there is a hell of a lot of green space. If they allowed more of that to be grabbed than 'back gardens' maybe this would not be a story.
  12. You get a bit bored/weary of it all after a while so whilst reading these things is good I don't feel anything other than just a stagnation in everything; and if the doom-mongering were true it seems a high price to pay for a house!
  13. Nice beemer tho, spin 180 degrees, wonder what trouble those flats cause or how much they are worth.
  14. Probably but I would personally the bill higher and completely truthful than lower and obfuscated or vague. For there to be further expenses 'scandals', well it gets beyond a joke now doesn't it.
  15. Wonder if the cement mixer is a garden feature?
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