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  1. Not read the whole thread so don't know if it's been said already but move to Bucks = grammar schools = happy days (assuming the kids get through the 11+ of course). Also has fast train/tube connections although admittedly into Marylebone/Baker St so not great for the City.
  2. When we sold in early 2008 our solicitor said that HMRC had clamped down on the 'Pay 15 grand for the curtains' move - and the solicitor handling your sale will have to declare that no other monies are changing hands. Renting for 6-12 months is ideal - your ideas about the best place for your mum to live may be clearer at that point.
  3. I used to live in Little Chalfont. The tube to Chesham is not great - generally one every 15 or 20 mins, but it does stick to the timetable pretty well. At Little Chalfont you also have Chiltern Railways trains from Marylebone which is nice - although some of them are non-stop to Amersham, so Amersham is even better. Chesham has a dodgy reputation in the area, but I think that's just because it is surrounded by absolutley fantastic towns e.g. Amersham, the Chalfonts, Berkhamstead etc. Plonk it down in Kent somewhere and people would think it was lovely.
  4. That's because it's a load of ********. The are some rare circumstances where land formerly owned by a private company can become Crown land (called 'escheat') but it only happens when the company is liquidated without anyone claiming the land it owns.
  5. OK, well ignoring that bit of spam... I lived in E&C for almost 8 years, moved out about a year ago - I had a one-bed flat in a 'nice' but ex-council bit (Newington Estate), whihc was still around 75-80% council owned. I agree the area is on the up, but this will be over the course of 10-15 years, not 3-5. Look how long it took Clapham to go from being grotty to a desirable location - at least 20 years. The new flats going up on the Walworth Road end of E&C were small 2-beds iwth no storage space for £250K, and they all sold (!). To summarise - E&C is not a terrible area if yo
  6. Jesus, what sort of crappy part of the UK do you live in? 165K for 4 beds? Hope you have a stab vest and the number of your local glazier! And you might want to put the council's Abandoned Vehicles number on speeddial.
  7. Actually, it drops from 24301 to 22249. This is the mean - working out the drop in the median is beyond the abilities of my brain, which is why I'm not in the top decile!
  8. Oh for pity's sake - get over yourself. A person has died, yes it's sad etc etc his poor family etc etc but making a joke about it shouldn't be a capital offence. You may as well say all of us who ever made jokes about Diana or the Shuttle disaster are reprehensible people who should never speak again about anything. Stop being so precious. It was clearly satire - genuine happiness would not have been so over the top. And along with other posters, I agree that conspiracy theories destroy the last vestiges of credibility this site has. I have lurked for over a year on this place, and it g
  9. I read the post as satire on the way MEWers etc will take the news, rather than at face value. People on a forum that is generally pretty scathing and insulting of others that disagree with thier views shouldn't be running to the high moral ground at the first available opportunity.
  10. My point exactly. Spoilt Gen Xers think that they shouldn't have to start at the bottom and work their way up, like their parents had to.
  11. I don't understand people saying it's impossible to buy a place in London. There are loads of flats on Rightmove at £100K, and with average London wages of £28900 (ONS 2005) then a mortgage of 3.5x salary is no problem. The problem is FTBs wanting to move immediately into houses, not flats, and even then wanting more than 1 bedroom. It's a property ladder - you can't skip the bottom rung! I agree that an average FTB in London can't afford a 2-bed penthouse flat in Putney, but there a great swathes of affordable housing in E and SE postcodes. People have to be willing to live in a bad area
  12. How do you compile those figures? I can only get figures for individual streets on Nethouseprices, and the LandReg site hasn't got the quarterly reports up yet. I'd love to get them for the areas I'm interested in.
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