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  1. This is a REVERSE auction. Its hardly a failure if you cannot BUY (not SELL) what you are targeting by QE. As the 2062 IL auction showed last week, the DMO has no problem selling as much UK debt as they want (or need) to. All it shows is that they are going to have to move down the credit curve a bit.
  2. ...and smallpox, rickets and 2 years of retirement before dying. Welcome to the world of HPC desire.
  3. Jesus!! Someone must be reading this thread this morning because the markets are plunging!!!! I need to go and withdraw my £43.67 from Barclays immediately!!!! I'm so scared, I'm running round like a headless chicken and can barely read an internet forum any more!!!!
  4. Perhaps the mob would lynch you for being drunk, big or a man?
  5. If you're that worried about the banking system then buy a house.
  6. Sounds like time to buy then. When the lazy journos and Joe Public cotton on to something, it's already on the way in the other direction. Funny that the FTSE is 500 points off the low.
  7. er...who else is going to provide the money for your (borrowed money) public spending?
  8. Colleague was in the process of buying (he STR) in SW London. Agreed a purchase of a rental property for £645k. Sellers pulled out on day of exchange saying "we don't know what to do with the cash". House now being rented for £3kpm (queue of renters apparently). Colleague even upped offer to £675k but they still refused. He's still looking and is a distressed buyer. Renting is expensive when you can borrow at 3.39% fixed for 5y. Landlords of high quality properties are not selling.
  9. In other words, a real rate of return of 1.25%pa if held to maturity (ignoring credit risk). Please read up on index linked bonds if you don't understand them. Also, please read about the difference between the Retail Price Index and the rate of inflation. edit (forgot the "pa")
  10. Yorkshire BS 5year fix is 3.39% and has been for some weeks. 10y fix is 4.19%. This is not news and is what is supporting the London market in particular (where the deposit is generally less of an issue). Too many on here think prices will fall when rates go up. Rates are not going up. Period. (And if you think they are, then take the 10 year fix and then they don't).
  11. It is (was) a freebie. A tax free guaranteed real* rate of return. (*real as in indexed by the Retail Price Index as published)
  12. ..and that rather then paying a real return of 0.5%, short dated IL gilt yields are currently negative.
  13. Dear Mr Cameron As you’ve registered to receive updates from NS&I, I’m writing to let you know that all current Issues of NS&I Savings Certificates were withdrawn from general sale at close of business on 6 September 2011. The latest Issues of Savings Certificates had been on sale for almost four months (since 12 May 2011) and have been very popular. When we launched the Issues we expected the amount invested to be substantial, and our expectations have now been met. We’re sorry if you haven’t been able to invest on this occasion, but we will contact you again as soon as the next Issues go on general sale. You can see the current rates for all NS&I accounts and investments on our interest rates page. Yours sincerely Garry Bond Head of Customer Management
  14. Go for it. Live your life. You'll now get a few dozen posts telling you not to and to live a in a shed in the woods until the world ends.
  15. They're hardly cherry picking if the yoof of today won't get out of bed for minimum wage. The state is offering them an alternative lifestyle and crowding out the private sector.
  16. Moral of the story, if you buy ANY house, get a new front door lock ASAP. Why on earth would you not do that? You've absolutely no idea who has keys to the front door otherwise.
  17. Wrong. Us commuters are subsidising the rest of the country. Stagecoach pay £1.19bn over 10 years (from Feb 2007) for the SouthWest Trains franchise. If we didn't have to pay that fee so the rural areas of the country can keep a train service, our fares could be lower. link here Where's Dr Beeching when you need him?
  18. If it's any help, my parents paid £4,300 for a nice 4 bed semi in Teddington in 1966! It's where I grew up.
  19. Trains are fine in the early morning. Seats still available until Woking. It's a good quality, if only 1/2 hourly service.
  20. The employee has no responsibility to pay employers NI.
  21. When have you ever seen a salary quoted with employers NI included?? "We'll pay you £50k a year, but actually well deduct 13.8% from that before we pay you, and then you pay your own tax and NI on top." Employers NI has nothing to do with the employee.
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