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  1. Boi,danske etc will lend against this type of house using regular products. Had trouble with nationwide before, they treat it as self build if there is no bathroom or kitchen !
  2. Something weird happened between photos 4 and 5, spot the differences.....
  3. Also, plenty of snow still on the roof is a good sign. Driving around the county, I'm amazed at how many houses still waste oil by heating the attic
  4. As the 'contact us' link on the PP.com site does not seem to be working, might I make a suggestion here in the hope that pp.com are watching. The addition of the stats tab with price reductions etc has proved useful as it means I dont have to jump to other sites to get this information. Whenever I see a house I am interested in I always need to check the lpsni.gov.uk website to get the capital value. I then need to find the correct district rate to calculate the expected annual rates bill. If this value or a link was integrated into the stats tab it would prove useful. Another check I perfo
  5. Personally, I wouldn't touch it. Unless you are in the building game yourself, or you have some good contacts. Many builders wouldnt take on this project as they would have to stand over the work already done. Mortgage finance shouldn't be a problem if you go to a local high street bank. I know Northern and BOI would lend against this. I recently got approved for a mortgage on a builder finish house from Northern. Nationwide BS wouldn't touch if didnt't have a kitchen and bathroom. They would class it as selfbuild, which they no longer offer.
  6. went to see northen bank last week about a mortgage. No previous history with them. Brought all the relevant documents and had mortgage approved within an hour. They didnt need to do a valuation survey on the house, and mortgage was approved in branch without the need to go head office. Rate was very competitive and will receive £300 towards legal fees. As they didnt need to do a survey, they will contribute £175 towards the cost of my own survey should I get one. These incentives helped offset the £799 product fee. I've applied for about 5 mortgages and remortgages over the last 10 years, n
  7. Building in clusters and social housing has already been covered in draft PPS21. Retirement houses on farms and houses for farm workers were old requirements under PPS14, these requirements have already been removed under draft PPS21, in that each active farm is allowed one house every 10 years, but the house must be "clustered" or "visually linked" with the existing farm buildings. The final version of PPS21 may relax some existing requirements in the current draft proposal. Some consultation responses are worth reading, particulary those from RTPI and NILGO. The final version may also addr
  8. My area is in Fermanagh. When you omit those sites that are still for sale at 2007 prices, most new sites are realistically priced. I also believe there is more scope for bargaining with building sites. In most cases the vendor has had very little outlay in gaining the planning permission. Therefore any offer over and above the agricultural value of the land will return a profit.
  9. Johnsp, I have been keeping a close eye on rural sites over the past 12 months. There has been a significant drop in asking prices. There seems to be a lot more coming on the market more recently. Remember it was March 2006 that PPS14 was introduced, therefore very few speculative site have been approved since then. With outline planning valid for 5 years, most will start to run out this year. I have noticed a few sites being sold in the past months with 1-2 months left on the reserved matters approval. This is leaving it very tight for prospective buyers, as they need to get building con
  10. Like many others, we have been waiting for several years for a resolution to this mess. We submitted in September '07 just before the rush of applications following the outcome of the Judicial review. At the moment, we meet all the conditions of CTY 10 - Dwellings on Farms. What's your interpretation of the term "visually linked". There seems to be a bit of ambiguity surrounding its meaning. Looking through the historic appeal reviews on the PAC website I haven't managed to get a clear definition ??
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