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  1. of course i would be interested but dont know if possible
  2. yes mine says exacly the same thing cant get my head round it either
  3. just for the day will chat to him to find oout what day
  4. well nicky one of the guys who bought in james clow will be in london next week if you wanna meet
  5. i reaaly hope you ae right as this is one of the biggest stresses i have ever had the thought of losing everything i have over putting a feckin deposit down is beyond me
  6. when ever you get back from london drop me a wee line and let me know when you wanna meet, do you know anymore jame clow victims the more the merrier
  7. afraid not i know of one other and myself that bought one of these apartments and believe me i am very worried about the whole thing. doest look like a mortgage can be got and we got a letter wrote to carson and mcdowell tellin them this and the are the least bit interested sayin thats its not really their concern and if yo didnt complete action would be taken and if action is taken i am screwed . if you and any others are willing to meet to disscuss this please let me know to get a time and a place sorted out. someone has to know something about something.
  8. myself and a friend bought on of these apartments each in james clow doesnt look like we are gona get mortgage. my friend wrote to the developers solicitor and basically was told tough shit you signed and thats that complete or we take action. no feed back other than that rerally unsure of completion date think its lookin like sept from what i can gather from eric cairns. have you had any advice or what on how to handle this and would yourself and others who are in the same predicament be willing to meet to discuss this disaster
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