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  1. Remember it is "sensibly priced in todays market" Going by the EA its value for money
  2. I think this is a bit off with the discussion but the farm land would relate to this. Have a friend looking at a site in the mid Ulster area. The site has FPP but the site is very small. As the site has a field to the side of it, he wants to approach the farmer to see if there is any possibilities of the farmer releasing any land (0.2 acre) roughly. How much do you think he should pay for this? He knows he is at the farmers mercy with this. But anyone know a realistic price? Thanks
  3. Thanks 'Ride on' and 'BelfastVI'. The information will come in handy.
  4. Not sure what this is. Do you ask the EA for this? What prevents the EA from showing you a fake offer?
  5. I have been back looking at sites again (still cant see the a bargain with houses). I have found two that stand out to me and are in an ideal place. I’m considering making an offer but want to keep the upper hand with the EA. I do have one which I like more than the other. When making an offer can I inform the EA that I will be making a similar offer on another site. Is this allowed? The two sites are with two different EAs. Regarding the one I like most, talking to EA at start of last week about the site I give her a few questions to find the answer for me. She rang 2 days later and give the answers then said that there is an offer already on the site but its below asking price. Can I believe this? Any advice how to approach this will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Going on the information that I have got, for a good quality build your talking about £60 a sq/ft so over all price of £66000. It depends on how high or low the specification you have set out for the house.
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