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  1. If the CEO of British telecom tells his parents to keep their shares in BT for another year then WE should listen. If the parents of the man who makes Mervin dance says hold the house then I'm afraid we are buggered for another year at least. Sorry, but I think he knows what the future holds for printing and thus nominal values.
  2. These things look like they come from smart people, but only a townie would spell sowed as sewed. The seeds never germinate if they are sewed.
  3. Look at history timeline. We lived roughly the same way for thousands of years. The patent laws in the uk coincide with the industrial revolution. Do you think it is a coincidence or the ability to make a living from inventing amazing things without having to have a marketing team and a desire to sell things. Most creative thinkers don't want to sell things or make as many looms a they can and sell them before the guy down the road reverse engineers it. Intellectual property put the Internet in front of you, powered by electricity which Benjamin franklin had a little bit to do with, paid for b
  4. I used sat broadband for a couple of years and the latency is the killer. It had about 5mb download but every single request takes 2 seconds at least to get a response. That doesn't sound bad but every image on a page is separate request. The modems are a bit clever and download everything they can at once and some sites are serving gzipped sites but generally I would say only use if you really really have to. If asked over a beer I would simply reply that it's s#it
  5. I've found some very interesting things out from this site. I sold to rent in 2008, invested in gold and silver and have now bought back in with a very significant gain. Just recently someone posted that nationwide had dropped their rates and I had yet to complete - as such I called Nationwide and changed my 4.39% 5 year fixed to a 3.89% five year fixed for a £99 fee. That will save me £10k over 5 years - well worth visiting housepricecrash.co.uk I guess with the gold / silver advice from hpc and zerohedge, plus selling to rent I would say that visiting this site (and zero hedge) has probably
  6. Well, a 4000 sq ft slave box with 6 acres. But yeah. Basically. Sorry!
  7. Or because our state education system is a disgrace and they wanted to give their children the best education. No point expecting the state to provide it. Unfortunately the state school is full of the spawn of the local tattoo parlours clientele and your children will be held back by them and or stabbed inthe state school system.
  8. Bernanke can't have inflation running rife when he wants to action qe3. He needs deflation so he can fight it. I see engineered deflation everywhere and this is a deflation move. Watch for qe3 under a new name in a month or so.
  9. Nationwide 5 yr fixed. We are at 50%ltv not sure what you need for the deal but it's probably 75 or 80%
  10. What was the price like? I've just had my offer accepted on a place and I have been waiting 3 years in rented to find perfect house. Came on for a lot less than I would have paid for it so I offered 5k under to the owner who showed me round and he shook on it there and then. Was on Market 1 day and I was first to view. Vendor priced realistically. My wife can barely believe it as I am normally offering 20-30% under asking. Survey tomorrow fingers crossed for mortgage! 4.39% fixed 5 years. Best house I've seen come on the Market around here in five years and they priced it to sell. I'm still
  11. Just my two Penneth worth... Did you know you can reduce the term of your mortgage to overpay by more than the contractual amount? I was allowed to pay off 5% per year, but reduced my term to 4 years and paid off super quick with no penalty.
  12. Thanks. Lot of work in there and appreciate your taking the time to post. Great reading. Cheered me up on a gloomy sun afternoon
  13. Why do you think it costs a lot to make? Takes a lot of energy. Oil. It doesn't make enough energy to allow you to burn it to make itself. We need oil gas or nuclear to make that fuel.
  14. No, as well as saying I want 10-15% off asking. 20k is still 20k even if you can afford a million pound house. School fees to pay, luxury cars to service.
  15. If dollar goes down against the pound you are fighting an fx battle in owning au and ag as they are denominated in dollars. Not that it has put me off having 25% of my str fund in ag 25% in au and 50% split between the banks in cash.
  16. And they are. I knew a quadriplegic who worked in a call centre and typed on the pc keyboard with a stick in his mouth. Nice guy. Never wanted benefits but did allow his house to be modified by benefits. An incredible example of pride and perseverance.
  17. House prices are on the turn. Euro in dire straights. Gold and silver doing ok. It is indeed a happy Christmas. I love this site as the posters all (ok not all, but you can use the spelling of the word 'lose' as a rough guide) make very intelligent and thought provoking posts. Never have more cynical [email protected] ever got together and been so right! We will see many more months of "unexpected" financial news but there are no more bunnies left in the hat. All that said I'm putting in an offer in the new year. 20% under asking and 52% under original price. Good luck and god bless all! Mr oil.
  18. I have a personal indicator. A friend who has seen me str has had their house on Market for 6 months. They have just taken it off because they didn't want people to think "that's been on the Market a long time they will take a low offer". Once she puts it back on in the new year, doesn't sell it, then waits xx months before the penny drops. Once that penny drops the crash is on. She has sat at a dinner table with me spouting hpc mantra (and au ag mantra) and has seen me make a whopping return on metals, but is in complete denial about hpc. When SHE cracks I'll post it, for our future depends
  19. I own 50% of an estate agency in Portugal. Boo hiss. I'm only the techie, I got the traffic from the uk and Ireland via google and reaped the reward. Sold my place out there in 2007 for a 10k loss on asking price and 15k profit by luck on exchange rate. I can confirm that the Portuguese Market is identical. We had a few sales to Germans this year but the office is gone and the other half of the business now scratches around for a living whilst waiting for the Market to "return to normal". I am uber bear so don't think normal will be back for a very very long time. By that time of course it w
  20. I've seen a house come down over 30% but it is still priced at 20% over what id call a bargain and 15% over what I'd be prepared to pay. The agent has said they would take 3 % under asking! For [email protected] sake! 3%! anyway I want to go back to agent with something and some more solid stats would help. Oh, the price last dropped mid September so it's been 3 months at current price. Any advice appreciated. The place would last my family forever and I could afford mortgage on interest only if rates went up to 10%. Also pricing in 5 year fixed at 4.49% merry Christmas everyone who reads these posts!
  21. Go on then -0.6 Edited as missed minus symbol and had a flap
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