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  1. I dont agree with people being able to buy council houses, as no matter what you say this is the reason why there is a shortage, as they havent rebuilt new ones with the money received over the last 25 years, if there were more available council housing, private sector housing would be far cheaper.
  2. Tell her to go to her doctor and get signed off for stress. Upon getting the sicknote apply for sickness benefit or whatever its called these days, and get her to be sparce with the truth ... you can be pretty sure that the JSA claims and Sickness benefit claims go to completely different buildings and army's of staff as this is how Gordons created so many jobs in the last 12 years. Problem solved, poor mare cant be to bright being 4 years from retirement with that much mortgage ... unless its worth a few hundred thousand of course.
  3. He'll need a bad back or a bit of stress to carrying on living the dream though.
  4. Im reading his book (WHo Runs Britain) which i bought at the airport for my present holiday in Thailand. Im on page 180 about half way through and i'm still waiting to learn some thing i didnt already know. Oh other then that he is mates with Phillip Green, (well they met a couple of times) and he completely blows smoke up Greens ass for the majority of the the book. If anyone wants to PM their name i can tell you if youre in the book and run Britain.
  5. Ive signed up, you think i'll get a brick through my window from Gordons gestapo though. Fcuken scary that i even think about the big bro aspect when writing my details on a govt related website.
  6. Agreed, but i was comparing the 2 and believe Brown is the lesser of the 2 evils, with Bliar being thoroughly evil.
  7. Given the choice to vote for the Brownites or Blairites id go for Brown everytime. The worst thing i could say about Brown is he doesnt have a clue what he is doing and is a bumbling fool who has wrecked the economy, and has no real idea about how the average person lives, but i think the decision he makes he genuinelly believes are for the greater good. Whereas Blair is an evil lying vindictive mass murderer who is only in politics for his love of power and money, and has nothing but utter contempt for us worthless proles, same goes for his best buddy the proven liar Mandelson.
  8. Im sure virgin media dont know her where abouts, a simple look at where her security are is all it takes. At least we're nearing the end of her time dictating to us, nicest thing i could wish her is an early death.
  9. The evil lying witch is on Channel 4. What i cant understand is how it took a matter of minutes to find out she wasnt at her home when hubby was watching gayporn, yet its taking an expensive enquiry to find out where she was when allegedly at her sisters.
  10. Fleets was a lovely little town when i used to visit my posh auntie who lived there many years ago. Was more a dig at the BBC's so called inclusive hiring policies, inclusive so long as it isnt any white working class peasant, though theyve Jonathon Ross as their attempt at employing a cockney geezer. I couldnt find the main Anthea thread, merge it if you will.
  11. So long as its presented by a multicultural selection of middle class folk from places such as Esher and Fleet then i'm sure it would get the go ahead.
  12. See these 2 are on the TV circuit this morning seeking publicity for some reality show, times must be really hard to have to stoop this low. On a different note, hasnt ALL morning tv become the most brainless drivel made purely for dumb women by dumb women.
  13. Hey you could be a Labour politician with that way of thinking, lets save some money in one hand and spend it and plenty more on needless penpushers who get signed off on the sick after 20 years on full pay, then a few years after this are on a pension most proles in the private sector could only dream of. Ive a better idea lets cut government spending by a third (but not a penny from healthcare or education) and see that people are brighter then this government think and create private sector jobs for themselves. Governemnt tax receipts have doubled in the last 12 years so it is feasible to make such cuts.
  14. But what we have going on in the UK right now with people like this is some form of communism.
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