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  1. You're proved my point entirely... the first paragraph was an accurate prediction about Magellan property, against all other opinion, as I've demonstrated. The second was a question (hence the ?) to stimulate discussion - not a statement. However, if I had made it a statement that you accuse me of (which i clearly didn't), i would have been right here anyway as the market does indeed appear to have picked up... Thanks for proving me right!
  2. Sorry when did I infer that exactly? This is exactly my point and just proving that you are in fact a retard. I mealy hypothesised after a good amount of personal research that in a very unstable market especially for Leeds Town Centre properties, Magellan House was a good purchase opportunity if you could secure a property at or around the level that No 37 went for at auction. Which received the following counter arguments specifically regarding this sale- Bootsox Sleepless Jimmy tenner Si1 Si1 S2r2005 I made this assumption not by statistics but using common sense a
  3. It's not about statistics you pr*ck!!!! It's about speculation. You don't have the mabels to vocalise independant thought so simply try to discredit mine by saying there's not enough statistical evidence (oh and juvenile name calling). I don't think the guy that just made a cool £32,000 on his property needs any more 'statistical evidence'. You've a sad [email protected] who obviously gets his only kicks from spending all his time on internet chat rooms and so pessimistic clearly shouldn't bother getting out of bed in the morning. I can't believe i've even given you this much time of day, if I new you I
  4. Do you actually have the capacity to substantiate your argument? Or are you simply trying to hide the fact that you don't have one! Do you really think that you're intellect is so superior that I don't know what you're trying to insinuate... I just want to hear you say it!! You’re not fooling anyone by talking about statistical assertions. If I wanted to I could do a collate a study and use Pearson Product Moment to signify my findings (which I doubt many 14 year olds could do) but that's not going to help this discussion. Are you really that narrow minded and arrogant? It was a very sp
  5. Oooh touchy! Do you actually have a valid argument, or are you going to continue to make yourself look more and more stupid with bull [email protected] and very weak insults (I suspect from your lack of being able to articulate a valid response it's the latter). You obviously do care or you wouldn't by acting like a pre menstrual teen who’s loosing at checkers...
  6. ha ha ha... you just can't accept you were wrong, are you a solicitor per chance!
  7. What example do you want me to use Si... this was the exact property that we were talking about? Do you want me to also mention that No. 12 Magellan also just recently sold for £127,000 and this was originally £24,000 cheaper than no. 37 back in '03! Sox, I spoke to several different estate agents in Leeds at the time about this, including one at Morgans who dealt the sale, so i'm fairly certain it happened. I also at the time remember seeing it on the auction house website that you've linked. Even if it is hypothetical (which I'm sure it isn't) the argument still stands...
  8. Good work Bootsox (you forgot to update the sale at the back end 08 of 37 Magellan for £98,000 which is what caused controversy in the thread when i said that this was a good price to buy it at (possibly because it's not on Ourproperty.co.uk which i believe is the site you use...) So then, 37 Magellan house - £30,000 profit for the 'fool' that bought it at £98,000 in less than a year, what a terrible investment that was, and the market has only really just started to recover.... ummm what a terrible yield that is!!! Everyone that argued so vehemently against me was full of [email protected]*t, and you se
  9. hark...was that a touch of optimism on these boards...
  10. It's been on the market for ages! This is a reasonable deal for anyone that's looking... here.... bring on the arguments...
  11. Thanks for this Si, personally found this really useful. Good insight into local econemy. What i do like is the idea of splitting it into two seperate issues. I believe a main factor to be taken into account is that the situation locally (leeds city centre) is very different from the national trend. I believe we were due to have a crash in city centre flats regardless of economy simply due to the massive over supply. I've had a read through Extradry Martini analysis and seem to me to be a well grounded prediction of national trends, with an overall estimation of housing market falling between
  12. I agree likewise, in respect of having a 'common aim' and it's therefore not just for my personal gratification that asks for an explanation but as a process of getting closer to the common goal, so please don't bail out the post on my behalf. I have appreciated your input and found your comments to have come from a level of intellect (not only based on the fact i had to look up what 'invective' meant on dictionary.com). I just took great exception to your last point... hopefully we can move on. Ignoring the fact that I added the words "in my opinion", maybe if i had changed my statement t
  13. What? Are you joking me? Of course i'm not saying that, obviously.... is that just a very weak attempt at trying to be clever? I was saying it, in a polite way, to highlight the ridiculous and irrelevant point you made about the Leeds economy failing. It's ridiculous because what's the point of you contributing to this topic if that's what you think... and begs the question why have you reached 1900 posts??? and it's irrelevant because even if it was a possibility, it's such a broad sweeping pessimistic comment, you might as well have said, what's the point in getting out of bed in the mornin
  14. I think the fact that you've chosen to live here time after time really does sum up my point. There's nothing 'serial' about it I'm afriad, although I am certainly speculating. There was virtually no doubt in my mind, from visiting all the major city centre housing developments over the last few weeks, that Clarence dock was the most appealing. You can look at it simply, if i like it then others will like it. Looks great, feels great, plenty to do and less than 5 minutes walk to town. My friend tells me that all businesses that have set up there have been given 5 years free rent. You migh
  15. What will be the trigger to make you take the leap then Bootox?
  16. Hmmm... Read the rest of the topic now and see the thinking, nothing like a few bold statements to stimulate conversation, but still maintain my point. That is cheap! How long ago? Cheapest i could find for a two bed in Magellon was £675. The Admiral Ct property (sorry it's brewery Wharf not clarence dock, but spitting distancec away) No 37 i believe, is currently going for £125,000+ with a lot of keen interest. Aspect 14, and city island are f*@?ked... seriously. I agree with what you are saying with these, it's mentioned in all the articles and will surely end up being coucil owned.
  17. I agree regarding the north leeds, concord st /aspect 14 and others on the outskirts, but South Leeds near the canal are desirable. Repossession in Clarance dock (admiral court) has just gone to closed bids twice because there has been so much interest. Listed at £115,000 went to closed bids with highest at £125,000+ and going to closed bids again because still people interested... The agent is camping outside the property because there's so many people wanting to view it! Once funds become more accesible, people will buy at this level! There is demand out there in the right developments,
  18. sorry, let me do my maths... £98,000 for a property that will rent at £725 pcm..... hmm awful yeild that!!
  19. incidnetally as a side note, i don't think it will sell at £142,500, i think it will struggle around £120 / £125K, but £98 k is a very good deal for this type of property...
  20. This property will rent at £700 easily! It's in a fantastic location and i don't know whether you've been around armouries way recently but with the new developments and shops it really is the place to be in leeds at the mo 'imo'. That, in my mind, is quite a good yield! I think this was an absolute steal at this price and incidentally is already back on the market at £142,500. I think in my opinion you won't be seeing many more deals like this 98K around for such a good property. At the moment "everyone wants a repo" and people are savvy to the repo's and forced sales market, it's driving a b
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