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  1. You're proved my point entirely... the first paragraph was an accurate prediction about Magellan property, against all other opinion, as I've demonstrated. The second was a question (hence the ?) to stimulate discussion - not a statement. However, if I had made it a statement that you accuse me of (which i clearly didn't), i would have been right here anyway as the market does indeed appear to have picked up... Thanks for proving me right!
  2. Sorry when did I infer that exactly? This is exactly my point and just proving that you are in fact a retard. I mealy hypothesised after a good amount of personal research that in a very unstable market especially for Leeds Town Centre properties, Magellan House was a good purchase opportunity if you could secure a property at or around the level that No 37 went for at auction. Which received the following counter arguments specifically regarding this sale- Bootsox Sleepless Jimmy tenner Si1 Si1 S2r2005 I made this assumption not by statistics but using common sense and gut instinct. The most recent sales of 2 beders in Magellan have gone for over £130,000, including the resale of that exact property for £32,000 more than originally bought, proving so far that my original assumptions were correct. If in future, this trend is not continued you're more than welcome to point it out, although i doubt very much I'll be around to listen because I'm very bored of this now. Thanks X-Quork, you would say that because judging by the fact you haven't even been involved in this discussion and your total number of posts, you and Si are clearly cyber geek bum buddies!
  3. It's not about statistics you pr*ck!!!! It's about speculation. You don't have the mabels to vocalise independant thought so simply try to discredit mine by saying there's not enough statistical evidence (oh and juvenile name calling). I don't think the guy that just made a cool £32,000 on his property needs any more 'statistical evidence'. You've a sad [email protected] who obviously gets his only kicks from spending all his time on internet chat rooms and so pessimistic clearly shouldn't bother getting out of bed in the morning. I can't believe i've even given you this much time of day, if I new you I'd crack you one...
  4. Do you actually have the capacity to substantiate your argument? Or are you simply trying to hide the fact that you don't have one! Do you really think that you're intellect is so superior that I don't know what you're trying to insinuate... I just want to hear you say it!! You’re not fooling anyone by talking about statistical assertions. If I wanted to I could do a collate a study and use Pearson Product Moment to signify my findings (which I doubt many 14 year olds could do) but that's not going to help this discussion. Are you really that narrow minded and arrogant? It was a very specific discussion we were having following my statement that 37 Magellan was a good investment at £98,000, to which I received a torrent of disagreement, including from yourself. I felt it was a very good investment at this level. Since then, I can't find any other 2 bed properties in this block that have sold for this level and it has now resold for £32,000 profit. The only other two bed sold recently in that block went for a similar amount and was of a lesser standard! That to me is a good investment. If you would like to present some alternative data then go ahead. If you would like to change the subject and discuss other city centre properties then please feel free, but it was Magellan that was identified as a good opportunity, at this level. Let me remind you what you said back in January If you feel you have anything else valid to add then say it… and stop being so ignorant.
  5. Oooh touchy! Do you actually have a valid argument, or are you going to continue to make yourself look more and more stupid with bull [email protected] and very weak insults (I suspect from your lack of being able to articulate a valid response it's the latter). You obviously do care or you wouldn't by acting like a pre menstrual teen who’s loosing at checkers...
  6. ha ha ha... you just can't accept you were wrong, are you a solicitor per chance!
  7. What example do you want me to use Si... this was the exact property that we were talking about? Do you want me to also mention that No. 12 Magellan also just recently sold for £127,000 and this was originally £24,000 cheaper than no. 37 back in '03! Sox, I spoke to several different estate agents in Leeds at the time about this, including one at Morgans who dealt the sale, so i'm fairly certain it happened. I also at the time remember seeing it on the auction house website that you've linked. Even if it is hypothetical (which I'm sure it isn't) the argument still stands...
  8. Good work Bootsox (you forgot to update the sale at the back end 08 of 37 Magellan for £98,000 which is what caused controversy in the thread when i said that this was a good price to buy it at (possibly because it's not on Ourproperty.co.uk which i believe is the site you use...) So then, 37 Magellan house - £30,000 profit for the 'fool' that bought it at £98,000 in less than a year, what a terrible investment that was, and the market has only really just started to recover.... ummm what a terrible yield that is!!! Everyone that argued so vehemently against me was full of [email protected]*t, and you seem to pride yourselves on knowing so much about property! Lesson to readers - be brave when the market is fearful and fearful when the market is brave... trust your own instincts and don't listen to pessimistic comments from people on discussion forums!
  9. hark...was that a touch of optimism on these boards...
  10. It's been on the market for ages! This is a reasonable deal for anyone that's looking... here.... bring on the arguments...
  11. Thanks for this Si, personally found this really useful. Good insight into local econemy. What i do like is the idea of splitting it into two seperate issues. I believe a main factor to be taken into account is that the situation locally (leeds city centre) is very different from the national trend. I believe we were due to have a crash in city centre flats regardless of economy simply due to the massive over supply. I've had a read through Extradry Martini analysis and seem to me to be a well grounded prediction of national trends, with an overall estimation of housing market falling between 48% and 57% over next few years. However, if you look at Leeds city centre flats, they have already fallen this ammount (up to 70% in areas). Even in desirable areas (such as Clarence Dock, which yes, i do feel is desirable IMO), if you look at £98K for clarnece dock 2 beder where similar properties were selling for £195,000 mid '07 (admitedly a ridiculous amount), then this is aleady a 50% drop! Are we saying they are going to drop huge amounts more? As soon as first time buyers have saved a 10% deposit they will be buying them! I don't think for one minute we are close to the bottom of the market in Leeds City centre, nor am I arguing that now is the time to buy, but I think there are some good deals out there, if you pick the right development for the right reasons, and i think we should appretiate that, otherwise we might miss a trick...
  12. I agree likewise, in respect of having a 'common aim' and it's therefore not just for my personal gratification that asks for an explanation but as a process of getting closer to the common goal, so please don't bail out the post on my behalf. I have appreciated your input and found your comments to have come from a level of intellect (not only based on the fact i had to look up what 'invective' meant on dictionary.com). I just took great exception to your last point... hopefully we can move on. Ignoring the fact that I added the words "in my opinion", maybe if i had changed my statement to say, "armouries is in my 'top 5' favourite leeds attractions" that would have avoided spurring on the pedantic among us and allowed us to focus on the crux of my point, which is that it would be very detrimental to Leeds as a city should the area around 'one of it's' main attractions turn to shit. (Although, admittedly that would still leave the door open for someone to say 'actually, the armouries is only my 6th or 7th favourite attraction...'). 2112 have you heard any specific feedback from the businesses and when do you think the metro link will happen?
  13. What? Are you joking me? Of course i'm not saying that, obviously.... is that just a very weak attempt at trying to be clever? I was saying it, in a polite way, to highlight the ridiculous and irrelevant point you made about the Leeds economy failing. It's ridiculous because what's the point of you contributing to this topic if that's what you think... and begs the question why have you reached 1900 posts??? and it's irrelevant because even if it was a possibility, it's such a broad sweeping pessimistic comment, you might as well have said, what's the point in getting out of bed in the morning because we're all going to die anyway! What? So I'm not meant to speculate on forum set up for speculation, about buying a house in Leeds where i have a good amount of job security and my family live, in a thread about Leeds properties, because there's a chance that the Leeds economy might not survive? That is my point! Why do you even step outside your door in the morning Si? Do you understand my point now? Would you like me to write in big letters? Yes you're right, that was just a polite way of saying it, as I wasn't going to be so rude and confrontational! But now i know what sort of person you are, and what sort of ridiculous angle you're coming from, it really helps as it completely disregards to me your earlier comments. Please feel free to reply with some more weak sarcasm because you're clearly the sort of person that gets some sort of personal gratification out of lowering the tone and having the last word on an internet forum? Or are you really just a bit simple?
  14. I think the fact that you've chosen to live here time after time really does sum up my point. There's nothing 'serial' about it I'm afriad, although I am certainly speculating. There was virtually no doubt in my mind, from visiting all the major city centre housing developments over the last few weeks, that Clarence dock was the most appealing. You can look at it simply, if i like it then others will like it. Looks great, feels great, plenty to do and less than 5 minutes walk to town. My friend tells me that all businesses that have set up there have been given 5 years free rent. You might say that this shows the council are clutching at straws, but also demonstrates that for the next '5 years' punters walking around there looking for a place to live will have exactly the same positive experience i had walking around there recently. It just feels great. It aslo supports my earlier point that City Council will not let this development die. Dockland developments are almost always the highlight of inner city living and I think the council will do anything to stop them from failing, especially as they encapsulate our best tourist attraction (IMO). Nonetheless, i don't think it will come to that, because as i say, this struck me (a young professional) as the most appealing place to live in the city. If regional econimies like Leeds don't survive I think we should all think about leaving the country!! So yes I am speculating, and it might be arguable that it's not a fantastic short term investment (although i still maintain you could make £98 grand work well for you rental wise, i really do) but it is the 3-5 years time market i'm thinking about! We're all looking for different things, so people will make their own choices...
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