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  1. Inferior goods theory. Prices of cheap to run, reliable used cars are increasing as recession hits.
  2. I think the modern mini/fiat 500/ Renault 5 is the Aygo/C1/107 range. No retro styling, just designed to do a job. Modern crash regs mean you can't be as light and small as before, but these make a good go of it.
  3. http://nctimes.com/articles/2009/02/15/bus...55c0073667e.txt Summary: Sold in 1979 for 45,900 In 2006 for 191,000 (100% finance) In late 2008 for 52,000 (0% finance, all cash) Drop of 73% in 2-3 years. More impressively, only a 13% increase in 30 years! PS - just do add. That works out as a 0.4% return over 30 years. Before inflation... :0
  4. Interesting report from an auction, supporting what people have been saying here Auction report from Pistonheads
  5. Amadeus I happen to know are still recruiting. A few jobs in UK, but bulk of the development staff are in South France.
  6. Worse things can happen at sea, so let's not go overboard. The swell of opinion seems to be that the tide has now gone out, and we can see who was swimming naked.
  7. Meh, it is just the way of things. I am English working for a Chinese company running a large IT project. We are using Chinese/ French/ Icelandic/ US vendors (all in IT space). Some then have operations in India, some don't. The bulk of the work though will be done in France and China. Got to say that French developers are extremely arrogant, but they do deliver.
  8. Essexgirl. Just to say - respect. No hugs, we don't do hugs and karma here, but, yeah, respect.
  9. Oh absolutely. That's why I don't mind paying taxes for things like Trident. Nothing says "don't cut off my sanitation" than a nuclear missile. Somewhat more effective than a homemade rocket.
  10. Nice doesn't win wars. There was once a country of religious fanatics, ready to be suicide bombers. After the firebombing of Tokyo, destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and occupation of their country (with still some US bases there, 60 years later, just to be on the safe side) the number of Japanese suicide bombers is nil. Hamas decided to go to the logic of violence. The logic of violence is "chicago rules" (he brings a knife, you bring a gun) Where Israel fails is the "be nice to defeated enemy" bit. Once you have crushed them, then is the time for Marshall plans, inviting them round for dinner with the Queen, etc. Top tip for politicians. If you have assault rifles and unguided rockets, and the enemy has gunships and laser guided bombs, and there is a ceasefire offer. Take it.
  11. Hamas decided not to continue with the ceasefire. Then started firing rockets. Looks like they hoped for an Israeli over-reaction, to gain sympathy at the expense of palestinian lives. Fvck them.
  12. Have been very lucky this year - promotion and a 13.5% payrise. Plus if you include the devaluation in the pound (i am paid in dollars) in UKP terms it works out as about 50% on what I was getting last January. Still not going to buy property yet though
  13. Miss Madam, Yep, I came here (from UK) in 1993, just as Guangdong was industrialising. The difference to now in air quality is shocking. But for a real shock, see photos from 60's early 70's. There's a famous quote (from 1995 ISTR) by a British govt official touring Dong Guan "There'll be two fortunes made here. Building it, then cleaning it up"
  14. Heh, we are almost certainly one of those firms in HK paying your bonus Miss Madam! It has never figured highly out here, all that green stuff. But much of the EU and US regulation looks like it will cost us real green, so we will be forced to catch up, and it is worth paying money to find out what the hell is going on/ going to happen/ how to mitigate.
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