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  1. I recently signed up for a 5yr fix offset at 4.19%, the premium to the non offset product was 0.2%, which I felt was pretty modest for all the flexibility that people have already mentioned. As a high rate taxpayer, it is pretty tricky to find somewhere as good to put savings. If you want to get more complex, in certain cases, it is possible to link accounts which are not those of the mortgagee as part of the offset. Scope to do a deal with rich relatives....if you have them....which I unfortunately don't!
  2. Have you been to look at the house?
  3. This is a great post. A useful reminder that finding the perfect house is not the same as finding a house. Having spent 6 years looking ourselves, we get the keys in a couple of weeks. Our STR beating 5 other offers with a chain to the finish line. Good luck with your search SS.
  4. As long as John Lewis stays open in Watford.......we will survive!! The shops outside the main shopping centre have been in decline for many years. The centre of gravity of the town centre was changed by the shopping centre, whilst the recession might have speeded things up, there was always too much retail space after the Harlequin was opened. However, better for Watford to have a large indoor shopping centre which still attracts people from beyond the local area, rather than losing the business to other towns and shopping venues such as Brent Cross.
  5. OMG! Living a mile away myself, someone is certainly smoking something if they consider buying this house. Shared drive would make you run a mile!
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