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  1. I have very little time for the self styled neo-keynesian Stieglitz I remember watching Stieglitz, as advisor to the Papandreou Greek government, on Newsnight where he was corrected by Hugh Hendry after he rambled on about how Greece could meet its interest payments if ECB rates stayed at 1-2%, even with a debt-GDP ratio of 130% Hugh Hendry retorted "Hello? Can I tell you about the real world?" Stieglitz is another academic economist who lives in an ivory tower, who is tenured at some ivy league college and comments on economics like it is hard science, a lot like Paul Krugman. They are all being proven wrong, and their statements are all on public record (eg YouTube) so we can now more easily see their failed predictions and economic theories.
  2. Yeah, 9 bedrooms... One has a cooker in it. One has a bath in it. One has a front door & a stairs in it etc...
  3. Well, let me just state for the record that despite the impression I may have previously given, I have never bought any actual gold coins. In fact in 2008 I bought a job lot of chocolate gold coins and they all melted in my safe. Sorry Vince.
  4. The biggest issue I have with this is that a fair proportion of these W4B (work for benefits) people will become a burden on the employer.
  5. Ah, that's the one thanks Democorruptcy! I still think that every time a politician is interviewed on TV on matters financial they should be asked this question, with the actual number displayed at the bottom of the screen. Maybe add the buzzer and laugh track when they get it wildy wrong.
  6. I've been scouring the interwebs for a hilarious interview of MPs outside the Houses of Parliament. They were being collared after voting on an important financial bill (can't remember which) The interviewer calmly asked each one "So, how much is the national debt?" The answer that most smugly gave was...... "Oh, about £175bn" Oh dear. One Labour back bencher couldn't answer at all, got flustered and kept saying that the 'national deficit' was something that economists should be working on and that they were focused on creating jobs for hardworking blah blah
  7. The problem is that the source of the energy is in the wrong place for our grid and the consumers. Sure some tidal generators off the coast of Scotland may power the Hebrides, but would be impractical to supply our industrial and urban centres. Our creaking national grid is designed for few, centralised power stations. You can't just plug in solar farms in Somerset and tidal power in Skegness.
  8. Despite being a reasonably libertarian, right wing, anti socialist I comfortably predict that Labour will storm back into power in 2014/15
  9. Sorry, but I completely fail to see any hypocrisy or any cognitive dissonance between my posts. If you have a point, make it.
  10. In fact, now my blood is up, I'll go further... If I was responsible for the benefits system I would PURPOSEFULLY send out the wrong forms, make them 600% too long and mke all signing on processes as circuitous and tortuous as possible. That would sort the wheat from the chaff. Signing on SHOULD be at least as much work as a full time job.
  11. I was initially sympathetic. Then I realised that you are effectively having to do what we (employed & self employed) all have to do, all of the time, and some of us get no benefits whatsoever. You have, inadvertently, really highlighted the problem here. It's just too easy and simple to sign on and have everything taken care for your by the state and taxpayer. Life is f**king complicated and stressful. There are forms to fill in for most important things in life, sometimes you do lose money/time due to bureaucracy and BS red tape. ******ing man up.
  12. I found this analysis comprehensive and very informative: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse.
  13. Whilst I have the same feelings about the seriousness of this news, my prediction is that it will evaporate a la Deepwater Horizon / Fukushima Daiichi
  14. We have literally just moved into (today) our latest rental property and whilst moving boxes around I spotted a chap in the front garden with a large piece of paper. I approached him and asked if I could help, and he said he was from the council and was doing the final assessment for the planning permission for the two storey extension. I asked him at what stage the PP was at and he casually answered that the decision will be made in the next 48 hours and work could start as soon as the 17th July (2 weeks) He showed me the detailed plans and they are for a substantial two storey extension on the side of the house, replacing an old existing flat roofed single storey extension. Now, we are renting through a LA, who have never mentioned that the LL was even contemplating having any work done. I contacted the LA and asked what was going on, and they were surprised and said that the LL had never mentioned any PP or extension work was being considered, let alone going through to final planning stages. What are our rights here? Firstly if the LL does go ahead with major structural work, it will deprive us of 3 rooms (the downstairs loo, and 2 small utility/storage rooms). Secondly there will be significant disruption. I have never lived in a house which has had a two storey extension constructed but I can't believe it is trivial, I'm guessing that they will have heavy equipment and workmen for many weeks, plus they will probably have to have constant access and will need to create access to the rooms adjoining the extension. Thirdly, this is a worrying start to a tenancy, since clearly by adding 2 or more bedrooms the LL will want to either sell or let for a lot more than we are paying for a 3 bed house... Any advice?
  15. Moved in to our rented property 18 months ago, and paid the LA the (extortionate) check-in fee as per the contract, the landlord pays the check-out fee. A year later, the LA is acquired by a larger local LA. New contracts come through (didn't read all the small print). We hand our notice in and are now being asked to pay £120 for the check-out fee, since this LA charges the landlord the check-in fee. Just a quick word of warning to check all Ts&Cs if your LA is acquired by another company....
  16. Not attacking your parents specifically but I always do a double take when I see the expectations of the boomers in terms of what is an acceptable size house. 2 pensioners in a 3 bedroom property... and that's downsizing! Even our family home which we STR'd in 2009 was bought by a downsizing boomer on her own. This was a well proportioned 2 double bedroom house that was roomy with the three of us. A few months later we heard from the neighbours, in a chance conversation, that she was enjoying her new house, but that it was a little smaller than she had realised.... Meanwhile........
  17. Spot on. I had a similar set of conversations at my Jubilee street party. When I pointed out to the boomers at the party that the average salary in our postcode is 33k and that the average family home is 340k I got a few blinks and stares... I had to explain that even with a 50k salary someone would have to have saved at least 30k in cash and would have to borrow 310k or SIX times their income. I then got a few confused stares and "Surely that can't be right..." or "I'd never thought of it like that". Ignorance is bliss
  18. Well his visitor numbers have just gajoupled since this went onto HPC..
  19. Pfft ******ing Guarniad, can't even operate a live chat session... Manually refresh their comments section??? WTF!? Is this 1996? I'm guessing they haven't bothered using FT Alphaville Markets Live
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