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  1. http://www.saveoursavers.co.uk/2010/11/european-movement-calls-for-a-mass-withdrawal-of-cash/ My linkhttp://www.conspirazzi.com/?p=1566 http://www.talkfinance.net/f3/french-activists-call-bank-run-7th-december-2010-a-7308/
  2. Exactly. This is the EBITDA of sovereign metrics. "excludes volatile food and fuel prices" I guess this measure just includes real estate and iPads then....
  3. Doh! I completely forgot about the unicorn shit powered boats! Peak oil panic over chaps!
  4. When our oil-dependent, long-distance lifestyles become untenable. That's when.
  5. You trade physical oil.. interesting. Do you own an oil taker?
  6. Exactly. EROEI is the key to all of this. Sure there is plenty of oil left... Tar Sands, Deep Sea, Oil Shale etc. It will be just too expensive to burn. For those ostriches who believe that some miracle tech will replace oil... wake up.
  7. Can anyone explain why in the 21st century, the digital age, we still have staggered release dates...? I'm serious, WTF!?! This is why PirateBay has been so popular,
  8. 1 Black Friday call per week.
  9. http://www.coininvestdirect.com/en/gold_coins/1_sov_victoria.html umm....
  10. Fo sho. It feels weird buying gold at £900 when I bought most of my stack at £400/450 and most of my silver at £11. However, a pullback is a pullback. Once the China news has worked itself through the system it should bounce back to $1380+
  11. No, at spot + premium for Sovereigns and Maples Sovs @ £218 Maples @ £19.65 adding to my stack....
  12. Well I've just taken the advantage and bought £8k of mixed physical @ Gold: £ 849.09 & Silver: £ 14.89
  13. He also has posted such irrational drivel as this Looks like his critical reasoning is all squiffy.
  14. Bang on. The wealthiest people I know (in financial terms) earn very little, but they have capital and low outgoings and could buy cash pretty much anything they wanted. The poorest people I know, bar none. all earn £60k+ (or £100k in a joint household) and spend £100pcm more than they earn. I'm probably a slight anomaly since my wife and I work at well paid jobs, but we rent and save, driver old cars and enjoy being able to buy little luxuries with cash.. I still get calls from 'wealthy' family and friends who are literally one paycheck away from losing everything. Still, in the SE if you earn over £60k you can have a decent middle class lifestyle.
  15. A mountain of gold reserves to allow us to move to a gold backed currency?
  16. +1 We have been led to believe that the ideological argument is Left vs Right, when in fact both have resulted in a big state which identifies that control equals productivity equals power. The argument is big state vs small state, globalisation vs localisation. Vote with your wallets. Don't buy a new LCD TV, don't watch X Factor ... grow local, barter and build a local community. Let the fish rot from the head down.
  17. I hoped in vain it was too, but it looks like an implausibly well constructed jape:
  18. I don't know why I do it. It must be my guilty, masochistic pleasure - spotting "people that just don't get it" on MSE... http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2747816 Brace yourselves.
  19. I've always wanted to know what the ****** the DTI does with it's £4.5bn budget and 10,000 staff.
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