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  1. Show me the EROEI figures behind this "revolutionary" new technology. Otherwise don't bother waking me.....
  2. Think BIG old chap. Create a multi-floor bond out of these loans, get AAA ratings for them and sell em whilst simultaneously shorting them through a credit default instrument - say a CDS via the back door. I clearly deserve a 4 x PM bonus!
  3. Frankly I'm just surprised that they haven't introduced multi-generational mortgages yet.. buy now, let your kids pay it off.
  4. Rover 800 a land barge!?! My dad had one of these , three and a half litres mounted on a mattress with 4 wheels. Great times!
  5. 6 months of potable water for a family is thousands of gallons. Unless you have a swimming pool (best option) then a fire, a few bottles of bleach and a filtration system will work perfectly.
  6. What's that you say? Manufacturer predicts lots of demand for it's products you say?
  7. Well it's €0.85/litre here in Lanzarote... only c.€45 to fill up a small hatchback. The fact that it is 23 degrees here, and that we spent the Christmas period swimming in the pool and at the beach is making me consider not coming home!!!!
  8. Bravo! As doccyboy says, grow organic, get self sufficient and enjoy! I predict you will 'lose' money on it. . however since you are buying cash, you will actually be FAR net better off than if you were holding fiat currency in a shitty 2.8% cash ISA or whatever!!! Now, I just need the equivilant in Surrey to drop to £50-70k and my STR fund is going all in as well! Jim
  9. Though we have been right about the price of houses priced in gold He shoots, he scores!
  10. It all sounds good in theory, however you could spin it that by saying that by securing rights to 2.8 million hectares (6.9 million acres) in the Democratic Republic of Congo on which to produce palm oil - the Chinese firm ZTE International is creating local employment...
  11. The US oil industry in the 1800s revolutionised their standard of living, and dragged a lot of the western world with it. Hmm, so oil had a negligible effect in the early 20th century.. I guess all of the planes and tanks of the two world wars were steam powered.
  12. Hardly a coincidence that Happy Hans starts his charts from the early 1800's. Cheap abundant oil has lifted a huge part of the world out of poverty and allowed incredible population growth. Expensive and scarce oil will see that reverse.
  13. I agree, but I think that there is more than a 2.5% implied probability that the BOE will make a pre-emptive strike hence why a 40-1 bet is worth a punt.
  14. The bond market won't like it... I think the coalition are hoping to sneak this news out during a bad news week (PIIGS)
  15. Should this have been a Poll? To Vote Yes click here To Vote No click here
  16. Let's just make sure that we default whilst we still have formidable armed forces and Trident.... I'm just sayin'....
  17. Exactly, they have created a very efficient price discovery mechanism.
  18. I didn't post a link because for some reason Betfair's site doesn't have deeplinking - ie you cant grab a page specific URL... maybe I'm missing something.. If you go to www.betfair.com and click on Sports, then enter MPC in the Search box, it will bring up Financial Bets > Interest Rates > MPC > MPC December Current odds are 29/1 for a 0.75% rate after Decembers MPC meeting and before January's. I'm starting to see normally doveish MPC members such as Paul Tucker state: "We can only continue to support the recovery of demand and activity in the U.K. economy if we maintain the credibility of our commitment to our 2 percent target,” Tucker said. “That commitment is not in doubt whatsoever.” Bloomberg link It is probably nothing, but I'm sensing that they are starting to gain traction after a 3 way split in November and are preparing the ground by issuing these sorts of statements.
  19. Betfair it is. It dropped to 1/36 moments after I placed the bet. It is a rise to 0.75 between Decembers MPC meeting and January's. Game on.
  20. I've got a feeling in my waters that a token rate rise is on the cards. If Tucker listens to Sentance I think that there is a chance the rest of the MPC (well excluding the usual suspects) might agree to a small 250pip increase in the base rate to send a message to the markets that we are handling our business whilst Ireland and the PIIGS collapse. On the other hand I fully expect never to see that tenner again. Anyone else taking a punt on the MPC decision?
  21. News article If the Federal Reserve keeps flooding the system with new dollars, the rest of the world could eventually totally reject the U.S. dollar and U.S. Treasuries. Euro, USD both circling the drain. Interesting times.
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