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  1. I think that there's only one register this guy should be on....
  2. "Bitcoins are only divisible down to 8 decimal places. Programmatically all calculations are performed in satoshis using integer arithmetic (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC)"
  3. Morrisons have a £9bn property estate, perhaps the markets are predicting a property crash... hmmmm
  4. Well put. If they can limit true price discovery AND continue to offer cheap finance deals then they can keep prices high (sound familiar???)
  5. Possibly, but after trawling autotrader the volumes just didn't stack up for me - I'm probably wrong on this, but I still suspect some manufacturer manipulation.
  6. I recently bought an ex demo (basically new) car in cash and part personal loan - I'm 40 and I've always owned 7-15yr old cars and put up with the hassle. What surprised me is the lack of nearly new, low mileage ex PCP 2-3yr old cars on the market. Given that everybody and their dog is leasing a car on PCP I'd expect a glut of low mileage 2-3 year old cars - but the volume is just not there. My suspicion is that these cars are being mothballed/exported to keep the residuals up - I assume that if all of these ex PCP cars came straight onto the market the second hand prices would drag the residuals and new car prices down which would cause chaos for the PCP industry.
  7. Sorry, you are conflating two issues. You're arguing that the defense against inequality in education is a feudal style wealth transfer. Of course parents have to take control of their kids education. Who said otherwise? I'm for abolishing virtually all state services and taxes - with the exception of Inheritance Tax.
  8. Sorry, this doesn't wash it's is self-justification. What about a BOMAD supported buyer outbidding a young couple who have come from no money - surely they're just "managing the family capital" and we should admire their planning skills.... I'm 100% for personal responsibility and a meritocracy. As for Errol's point about loopholes - sure there are plenty. Doesn't make the point of principle wrong.
  9. Sure parents earned it, but their kids didn't. Income tax should be near zero, then you'll see a true capitalist environment
  10. Inheritance Tax should be 99% after say the first £100k... Unearned wealth.
  11. Mmmm, how much per week to stay in the shed.. looks spacious.
  12. Nice. Good luck getting a good family portrait with a selfie stick and crap lighting. I ran a commercial advertising and portraiture studio for a few years back in 2007. Our lighting rig cost £100k alone. Sure the Hasselblads were digital and only cost £30k each, but the main investment was always in lighting. Despite the advances in sensor technology you can't break the laws of physics.
  13. Blimey, selling BTC is painful.... I'm no closer to being able to sell some of my BTC through coinbase. They can only make EURO SEPA payments to UK banks and I need to do a penny test first into my wallet - pffft Anyone managed to *actually* sell BTC and *actually* get GBP? This whole cryptocurrency seems like a big closed merry go round.
  14. Hi guys, I'm tempted to take some profits (I bought 2.2BTC for $50 a few years back), can you recommend a safe way to sell (to GBP)? Thanks
  15. It's a fair question. After renting for many, many years in the Surrey Hills I moved my family to the North East and we bought a 4 bed semi in a sleepy town for 2x my annual salary. The (similar) house we rented 'dan saff would have represented 7x my salary. Luckily my skills are transferable and I work from home 4/5 days. I do however have to commute 6+hours once a week. I've given up believing that a home in the SE can be bought by an honest, hardworking family. Unless of course they borrow 6x income or have an inheritance.
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/special-reports/i-have-a-gold-plated-bt-pension-what-should-i-do-with-my-200k-sa/ ****** this. Or are you all hoping for an inheritance from this? EDITED BY MODERATOR
  17. I've nothing valuable to add except I'm starting to feel a little like I'm taking crazy pills. The OP reminded me that seemingly everyone in my age group (40-50) is talking about their inheritance, with many (esp. in the South East) mentioning *significant* figures like the above example. Am I the only person in the UK with expectations of inheriting absolutely nothing, nada, zilch? It sounds to me like everyone in my office, social group and forums are essentially going to 'win the lottery' in the next decade or so... perhaps that's why they're debt propelled and I'm living frugally...
  18. Well they have a truly shit web site and frankly that's always a bad sign unless you are going to a physical premises to purchase. My 8 year old son could knock up a more convincing site than that.
  19. Or that first map indicates that recent immigrants don't typically vote UKIP.
  20. Thanks RK I guess I wasn't imagining it.. Still either this is BS or the media just aren't bothering to cover this ....
  21. Anyone else hearing about a major Islamist attack in Grozny and Moscow? I stumbled across a twitter feed but can't find it again...
  22. One of the top comments on the Telegraph: 6am Monday morning, not very random is it as these things are, there is a greater chance it was turned off to save a bank from going bust, is that bank negotiating to get the money now or will the tax payer have to bail them out? Was exactly my thought... NR2?
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