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  1. If you after life quality, modern health services, don't have problems with law, want a home (not a step on the ladder) that you can afford and forget about HPI/HPC, if you still need to be close to your relatives in UK, then the answer is GERMANY
  2. Everyone's situation is different but If you did not have a reason to buy in 2007 and 2008, there is no reason to buy now - nothing has changed for better Have houses become cheaper? Have rents gone up? Have salaries doubled? I can buy a house I live in on a standard 25 years repayment mortgage for a monthly payment of £2,500 I can buy same house on interest only mortgage for £1,840 a month But what an idiot would I be buying as above when I can stick to renting it for £850 a months Do you see the dislocation? It was there before they started throwing money at it and it is still there BTW - my job may not be there by the end of this year if the 3d wave of redundancies hits as expected
  3. Ah.... Al those banks profits made from.... commissions from Fed and the Treasury, the major market activity
  4. This is the only place where you put your money where your mouth is. The expectation from them is clear - market will stay more or less flat at around Feb 2009 levels from now on for the next 5 years.
  5. It is also ignoring gas and GTL as fuel for cars, as well as projected conversion to nuclear energy - more than 100 new NPB planned by BRIC countries alone
  6. The study is incomplete - it covers only "existing fields"
  7. Nicely put I would only say that the majority of those "services" now are of a such an inferior standard that given a choice and ability to pay one will certainkly choose private over public INSPITE even of his upbringing revolting at it! And so you either get a crappy service or pay twice I know of dozens successful businesses in realeconomy, producing real goods that had to impose pay freezes and cut 10-15% of their workforce increasing productivity and workload in order to stay competitive Why does this approach not apply to schools, universities, hospitals, local authorities?
  8. Q1 No job - no conditions to defend Q2 Any basic textbook on management will tell you that the primary objective of any business is MAXIMISATION OF SHAREHOLDERS' WEALTH (no word of pensions in there)
  9. Which means your pension is going down the drain similarly to those in the private sector
  10. Ah, but how do they know you are ready for a "civil disorder" re CT hike option?
  11. Which leaves local authorities with the only one other option - massive job and spending cuts
  12. Until very recently accounting rules did not require those liabilities to be brought onto balance sheets. But once the accounting standard was changed final salary schemes started closing one after another. The blame goes to actuaries really - they have misjudged recommending companies should take pension holidays...
  13. There is no mini-boom: transactions are 75% down from a few years ago the sample is too small, the percentage movement upwards is insignificant any trader will tell you what this all is a sign of
  14. Babyboomers starting to retire And the most canny ones opting for the early retirement
  15. Funny coincidence this OP appeared today I got stuck in the traffic in a cab today for just under an hour and the driver, who as it transpires has a second job of flipping properties, starts telling me some of the tricks of the trade: "Every single EA in the area he dealt with takes bribes" "bribes don't have to be that high - 1-2% of the asking price on average" "it isn't unusual that the highest offer will not make it, but the highest bribe will" "Whenever there is more than 1 keen buyer the property goes to the highest bribery bidder" "If there is just one buyer but the offer is below the asking price, the EA may pretend there is at least one more "interested party to force the bidding process" "asian sellers don't negotiate price down" and so on..... It may all be very anecdotal But I am glad I never had to and never will have to buy a house in this country Edit: Oh, he also mentioned that there is this practice of declaring a lower price and paying the difference in cash so as to avoid CGT and EA not just aware of it - they facilitate the process - again , all very anecdotal with no hard evidence
  16. Not necessarily - here is a german way to induce feel-good factor without extra payment http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/...promotions.html
  17. That is because I only looked at the effect of that one single "old" variable without touching the rest
  18. My calculation was based on an average of 30k pa and would require an additional total of some £200bln on wages funding alone in this country assuming a current average of 25K that would be a 26% rise in wages across UK There is no QE that can help and I have not even touched on other variables
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