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  1. Did you send a copy of your bid to the seller with your address/phone number on it?
  2. You didn't bother to follow the links - they will prove your statement above wrong
  3. ...one income lost - do not qualify for income based JSA (only contribution based) - do not therefore qualify for mortgage interest support payments - default and possible repossesion
  4. Correct, their lending happily 50-60% of combined net income
  5. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...id=alLuTtnhdh2A "Exceptional measures of 85 billion euros ($124 billion) lifted spending and subsidized jobs, helping keep unemployment below levels in the U.S. and France, even as the economy suffered its worst post-World War II recession. “We’re through the worst,†Laurenz Meyer, economic spokesman in parliament for the CDU, said in an interview. “But the second wave of this crisis has yet to hit us.†Faced with such gloom, Merkel will have few tools to deploy. Net new borrowing will almost double next year to 86.1 billion euros, according to the government budget. "
  6. I suppose there is either lack of interest in HPs or lack of capability to answer the question or both
  7. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/mortgages/usef...chborrowing.htm 4.1X combined income (equiv 8.2X single if both on same level salary) http://www.halifax.co.uk/mortgages/forms/m...c/container.asp 4.3X combined income (equiv 8.6X single if both on same level salary) Credit crunch?
  8. GS is the one to watch - they are deep in £-sh!t and don't seem to have an exit strategy as yet but rumping it up
  9. There you go - you have answered it The BoE are playing the idiots game - "we will not be prudent until and unless the markets twist our arms to the point of breaking them, we just hope that the markets are full of ignorant idiots" Well frinancial markets are not akeen to UK housing market and the game BoE is playing is a very dangerous one - it is pushing it to the limit Does Merv really want to go down in the history as the chap who presided over and organised the demolition of the pound or organised a debt default? I don't think so, but he is pushing to that limit and is hoping that markets will warn him early enough that he has reached the borderline of their limits
  10. There is always a solution It is just that the longer you put it off the more drastic the solution will eventually be Politics inherently suffer from short-termism Prudent economics on the other hand require a long-term view And the two don't go together - the country needs a snap election and a way out of this stalemate the sooner the better
  11. The best hedge you can have - no assets and no income £-denominated
  12. Gilts will collapse immediately after the meeting if you were to have it your way If they don't do so right away - watch the IRS
  13. Injin not allowed as "printy, printy" are words of the past If the news are real - we may see IRS hikes before the election But by any means - excessive ones after the election
  14. Until you personally have sold and moved on to Costa del Bravo this site will stay open to help you rump up the market and help you achieve the highest possible price for your pile(s)
  15. If you are that lucky - low rates - 0 inflation - 0 growth And if you are not? If none buys your gilts? If you have to pay a massive premium for massive risk of lending to you? Is that 10 or 15 or 20% borrowing rate?
  16. It actually meant to say EUR=0.9GBP and will fall to 1EUR=0.84GBP with pound to strengthen against the euro
  17. Data from CIA - you would have to ask them about their methods of extracting statistical data
  18. As percentage of GDP this is still better than Zimbabwe Japan Lebanon Jamaica Singapore Italy Seychelles Greece Sudan Egypt Bhutan Belgium Barbados Sri Lanka India Israel Hungary France Ghana Portugal Germany Canada USA Morocco Austria
  19. It will be a choice between the corrupt and incompetent and the incompetent and corrupt Is that really a "choice"?
  20. The Abolition of Slavery: "The newly-returned Stephen approached Wilberforce, suggesting a more subtle approach. A law was put forward, riding on the tide of anti-French feeling, that no British ship should trade with any French colony. The law was passed comfortably, since the majority of the pro-slavery lobby were unaware that the bulk of the British slave trade was with French colonies. Further, since these ships carried the neutral American flag, they had no protection from being boarded and seized by the British navy."
  21. The banks robbed the country and now it cannot afford any toys any longer: "The government's overall debt now stands at £804.8bn, or 57.5% of GDP, an increase of £172bn in the past year. The massively increased levels of debt are due to the government bailing out troubled banks and its efforts to stimulate the economy during the recession. " http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8266266.stm http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...56-billion.html "The papers show that the Treasury expects to pay out £193.4 billion on social security benefits in 2013/14. Paying interest on the Government’s outstanding debts will cost £63.4 billion. Total Government spending in the same year will be £758.3 billion. Welfare and debt interest will be 33.8 per cent of that total. Around 6 million people in Britain are estimated to claim some sort of employment-based benefits, and the figure is set to rise. Official figures released on Wednesday showed that unemployment reached has 2.47 million, the highest since 1995. Most economists expect the total to peak at around 3 million early next year. In his 2000 Budget, Mr Brown described money spent on debt and welfare as “the costs of failure†and lauded Labour’s record in reducing those payments. He said: "Our promise was to reduce the costs of failure – the bills for unemployment and debt interest – in order to reallocate money to the key public services." Now, Mr Brown’s own figures reveal how those costs are set to grow dramatically. Already the largest single item in the budget, by 2013/14 spending on social security will dwarf every other item of Government expenditure. For example in 2010/11, total spending on the NHS in England will be £107 billion. Total spending on the Ministry of Defence will be £36.7 billion. The welfare bill will also absorb more money than every worker in the country pays the state in income tax. In 2009/10, the Treasury is expecting to take in £140.5 billion in gross income tax receipts."
  22. What's wrong with a 100% deposit? - Correct - it will guarantee a most "realistic" valuation
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