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  1. US share of the world's GDP - 22% US share of the world's oil consumption - 22.5% China's $-denominated reserves (estimates) - $2trln Middle East $- denominated reserves (estimates) - $2trln Pricing oil not in dollars is estimated to devalue $ by 50% Now go guess for yourself based on the above data who and why "leaked" the "news" and will they really move away from $
  2. In aviation, once you have spent more than 50% of fuel on a route between two landing strips you have reached the "point of no return" The critical mass of beggars as well as of those unable to participate in the political process due to the increased differential in reproduction rtates between the latter and the wealth-generating minority in this society has been reached It does not matter who you vote any longer The pendulum is now moving in a single direction - in the past century this socio-economical phenomena has had consistent outcomes - civil wars, rise of fascism and communism
  3. At Big Mac and Mars bar parity pound is massively undervalued right now
  4. This is what I call varnishing the legs of the chairs (not even moving them) on Titanic - just another bunch of scared idiots
  5. No, they will not "stand around" They are already busy varnishing the legs of the chairs without even realising those chairs and themselves are on the deck of the Titanic
  6. Original price - 1.75mln http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27267689.html?locationIdentifier=POSTCODE%5E1544869&radius=1.0&pageNumber=1&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DPOSTCODE%255E1544869%26radius%3D1.0 New price - 1.4 mln http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23553925.html?locationIdentifier=POSTCODE%5E1544869&radius=1.0&pageNumber=1&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DPOSTCODE%255E1544869%26radius%3D1.0 Bought in 2006 for 0.75 mln mewed for "designo" kitchen , 3 plasmas and 2 4X4 to be paid for by the next "owner" idiot Edit - kitchen and owner
  7. No, it does not come from the value of the land - it comes from the value of the planning permission which are used as a tool to manipulate markets and restrain natural S-D forces of capitalism
  8. They would exchange at around as much as the banks are willing to lend - 4.6X combined income plus any cash deposit available LTV does not address ongoing manipulation of supply of properties and demand created by excess lending
  9. Those 40,000 names - are they now on an IBM computer? http://www.no2id.net/content/flash02.html
  10. If the LVT is such a panacea from boom and bust in housing markets how come countries like Germany and Austria avoid those BBs without any LVT in place? From the standpoint of the economic theory, what is happening is more to do with monopoly, market manipulation on supply side and extremely laxed lending and market manupulation on demand side The manipulation of both - supply and demand - is leading to what economic theory calls "absolute rents" and prevents capitalist forces from bringing demand, supply and prices into a balance http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article285 "By its very nature, capitalism, based upon private property, i.e. ’many capitals’ - that is competition - cannot tolerate any ’eternal’ monopoly, a ’permanent’ surplus profit deducted from the sum total of profits which is divided among the capitalist class as a whole. .....will in the long run reduce or eliminate all monopoly situations."
  11. Is it really a curse? Or is it rather a blessing to be locked away (contrary to your own intellectual abilities and mass paranoia) from the participation and losses in what is possibly one of the greatest ever Ponzi schemes?
  12. Exactly - why not start with other tax-free schemes - like Gran Cayman, Bermuda, Luxemburg, Belize and so on? I know of dozens of young couples with children struggling with childcare payments even with this tax-break - what will they do without?
  13. This is not a benefit - it is currently a tax free status income - up to £243 a month are deducted from gross salary without being taxed and paid directly to the nursery/care provider. What they proposing is increase a tax rate at which a working parent is taxed - effectively the first tax hike in the row of many to come. But who do they start with - CHILDREN
  14. If you are a claimant, not a tax-payer, you by definition cannot have gross salary deductions. So, this is additional tax on the income targeting only one group of the population - families that work and have children. If you have no children, or if you are unemployed you do not stand to lose Only goes to show how much Labour cares for what is the future of any country - the children. Take from children - give more to bankers
  15. The childcare vouchers are taken out of the working parents salaries before tax and are used for only one purpose - pay for the childcare. The childcare voucher scheme has come under threat from the Labour Government who are proposing to replace it with funding for 10 hours childcare per week for ONLY two year olds, in less well off NON-Working mostly families. Childcare vouchers (gross salary deductions) help with childcare costs for children from 0 to 15. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/keepvouchers
  16. That is a diversion from original point - there is a massive gap foprming between the very few super rich and the rest of the country Middle class is being decimated as we speak Unless you have a mln and above to waste on B&M - it will be a waste on living in a wasteland
  17. Nothing to do with your "modicum" this one There is Oxford and there is Worksop There is Cambridge and there is Wolverhampton There is Weybridge and there is Dagenham Gated toffs and gettos
  18. TB as first President of EU living like an immigrant under a bridge in Brussels?
  19. The end game being a few gated communities in the land of gettos I see some permanent structural changes in the nature of ongoing and planned for the next 6-12 months redundancies: low- and medium-skilled office tasks and jobs are being outsourced abroad and hard to imagine any alternatives for those laid off This is like closing the mines with permanent unemployment for majority of the miners but happening in the offices
  20. Is this a probate with inheriting relatives living outside UK/or without a clue about local HP values? Edit: Status "under offer"=technically under obligation to take any higher bid to seller. Why did the status not change to SSTC?
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