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  1. Scottish moths are irrelevant to this conversation - you are on here, according to yourself, for free entertainment And you are on here for longer than I spend on my paid for entertainment - I did not force your own huggies down your throat Or shall I say - up your @rse? Troll - what a life
  2. You are poor bustar"d then? Not a penny to go to cinema? Ever thought of claiming? Or getting a real job to enable you to pay for real entertainment? What a pitty...
  3. This is the question of definitions You can call yourself a BEAR whilst being nothing more than uneducated speculator following the main stream media Sorry for repeating myself - an STR is a speculator and a cash buyer UK market is a ladder and a mortgage market, cash is outside this particular market
  4. And this is precisely WHY HAMISH and RINOA are on here No other reason for them
  5. This is exactly where you are wrong house prices will go up or down over the MANY years REGARDLESS of how much people argue on here but they may go up or down over the NEXT YEAR BECAUSE of how much people argue on here
  6. Wholesale rates rule the market - my dear economist
  7. HPInflation ruins lifes, may I say it takes away from this country its own future - if you do not understand it - you must be a baby boomer. GB is fooked because of the HPI - and I am talking fooked LONG-LONG term, not the recent sh1t. Your children will stuff you into an old gits home to be looked after by Malaysian carers, having paid for your care using sales proceeds from your house and will have mobved to Australia (or if they speak a language - to France) before you know it. You are a blind blind man - because of people like you this country is soooo fooked
  8. Yet another con Just like that banana - all imagination - no reality Or, should I say no realty?
  9. Leave the country if you have loads of money - just as anyone with loads of money has done
  10. Ah.... because this is not UK typical housing market, it is not THE MARKET But the site is full of brainless lurkers coming on here for a quick speculative advice Guess I am wasting my time anyway
  11. Posting a photo does not take a brain of an economist - does it?
  12. Glad to see you have a reason to live So you think the rates are going up? You think that will help house prices to follow in the same direction?
  13. Never been for me - and I am a bear since 2001 - so no need to read what I write
  14. I am disappointed - unearned profits = STR The trend is obvious - worried speculators sustaining the current market - thank you for the confirmation
  15. An STR by definition is NO BEAR - just another speculator
  16. Too late, While Bush was playing with the oil Chinese have been stealing US and Israeli technology and buying up any hardware and technology they could from the Russians Only a nation of idiots blames the loss of its world gegemony on its own emperor - that is why it is a nation of idiots
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