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  1. The mods are busy viewing houses to buy - @ 23.50 pm - this is no economics site - what whould you expect?
  2. Future Trading up is where you deceive yourself today and your calculations all the time
  3. No way will I p!ss on your fire CEOs of 20 top companies have been coming onto bloomberg and FT talking about green shoots and going back to their staff into quarterly Town Halls talking of 30% drop in revenues and 10% workforce cuts Is there a massive campaign to get you go spend your cash?
  4. Why don't you answer the question? You have agreed it is worth £200k Why become an idiot and pay £312? And this is not your retirement pad.
  5. My colleague used to say the same - he was made redundant yesterday after spending all 31 years of his working life with the company
  6. Why would anyone want to pay £312,800 in hard earned cash for something they have agreed is only worth £200k? Do you know how to get to your nearest mental health hospital?
  7. I did think that was a funny way to put it - the heart has stopped and the recovery is under way - missing the heart is not an issue any longer
  8. Because there is no government in the world that runs its own country Idiots in Britain are wasting their time with their feelings about Gordon for instance
  9. Ask Peter Mandelson - he has just taken on Universities The very minimum they are cutting is 2% of the teaching grant across entire HE - £100 million or so Still feeling safe in a public sector job Another BTL property to view this weekend
  10. London Metropolitan and the cuts are not waiting for the "back door in 2010" - they are coming through the front door as we type
  11. By HOW much? And against what benchmark? This is not an exam, but please don't pretend to be a retard - answer the question.
  12. No, you don't do what YOU want to do You do what the system wants you to do A very common mistake on this site made equally by both - bears and bulls, BTLs and tenants
  13. UP By how much and against what benchmark? UP against 1908 levels UP against March 2009 Levels?
  14. Moving paper from one tray to another will not any longer pay for your BTL [email protected] Sh1t right into and over your pants - no chance of finding a job after having done nothing butg moving paper from a tray to another for 20 years and specualating on bricks and mortar for 10 years you know you are fooked
  15. There is no problem except for the IMF telling us house prices are 30% above historical averages in UK
  16. Sounds like an engineering of a global [email protected]? Once those who did swallow the idea are finished - what is left?
  17. "shares, gold, exchange rates etc" - typical FTB then?
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