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  1. AAAAA Few people do realise their pockets have been emptied completely Even fewer know that there is no recourse What would you do if someone met you on a highway and took from you everything you spent the last 60 years working for? P.S. : the funnyiest thing is that the baby boomers are in complete denial
  2. You will always have a choice including whom to blame - your government or your own choice of a country to live in
  3. I very much wellcome the insight of the one with an insider knowledge of the life of The BoE, the city and the CBI Whether the tories win or not.
  4. The politics of UK are based on the presumtion that the younger you are the more stupid you are and the more advantage of you (or fVck you) we can What they miss is that there is a natural limit to everything - including human ignorance and stupidity - at which point the society responds "disproportionately" and brings in the falling blades
  5. At some point potential FTBs would have lost their interest in debt ownership and in paying for the houses of everyone else in this country but their own If this has not happened yet this year or the next, it will eventually happen Seat back and watch -
  6. As a government you only have to be better than your electorate If your mission is to degrade your electorate- it is an eventual mission to degrade yourself If your electorate were 10 and you 11 Now that they are 1 you don't have to be more than 2 That is a big leap from 11 to 2 - for a govt
  7. So , a few months from now you can successfully sue the council for misseling and fraud?
  8. There is always a limit to which you can milk a cow And if you do milk her without feeding her you will die Is the system trying to achieve this
  9. You have Rich and Poor You have them so way apart that the rIch have no idea that the poor have no money to spend as they have no job The Rich put their money into stocks hoping that the Poor wil pay for it - the Poor will rule the world without knowing it - they are a majority now
  10. Precisely - this is why it will not matter
  11. I cannot believe his threads are going on and on and on I thought people on this site were blessed with a bit more of a foresight than the average Now to you spaticus... Go fVck youyself, go fVck all your friends @ Tr, Bo, Nos 9 and 10 and so on who got us to where we are and swallow your fVcking syonyde And yes, I am one of the least swering posterts on here
  12. The BoE have to have a permission from the Treasury to ease I am glad to see they actually joining this forum - a sign of panic and doubt over their own actions We need a general election now - before more damage is done
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