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  1. Fellow HPC members. Just spotted the subject bank offering up a 'better than normal dismal rate' for new Cash ISA's. They state:

    • AER expected profit rate:2.02%
    • Gross expected profit rate:2.00%
    • Account Available From:03/02/2015
    • Notice/Term:120 Day
    • Account Type:Cash ISA
    • Opening Restrictions: -
    • Additional InformationThis bank operates under Islamic finance principles, the rates displayed represent the expected profit rate.

    From a quick google, the following information comes up about the bank:

    Al Rayan Bank plc is a commercial bank in the United Kingdom, established in August 2004 to offer Sharia compliant financial service products to customers of any faith. Formerly knows as Islamic Bank of Britain.

    Questions are, does this seem a good deal? Would you put your money there? What differences would be notable in banking under Sharia Law? I'm non-Muslim by the way.

  2. Coincidence or...

    The New York Stock Exchange halted trading in all securities for an undisclosed reason.

    Stocks listed on the exchange continued to trade on other markets such as the Nasdaq Stock Market. The halt took effect at 11:32 a.m. in New York.

    Sara Rich, an NYSE spokeswoman, didn’t immediately reply to an e-mail seeking comment. Kevin Callahan, a spokesman for the Securities and Exchange Commission, declined to comment.

    China contagion? :ph34r:

    I do jest a little but you have to admit the timing is wonderful:


  3. 'First Chinese, now Americans – they all want my £250m buy-to-let empire in Kent'

    Buy-to-let 'king and queen' Fergus and Judith Wilson claim demand for their 900-property empire is surging (as is the £250m price tag)


    And the best bit about the article:

    smashers78a minute ago

    Think I'll sit back, relax and get the Pringles out whilst I enjoy reading this comments section all afternoon.

  4. Just got back from Spain.

    All I saw was inflation. All I heard about in the bars was people complaining about inflation...

    and no jobs.

    What location out of interest? I spent a week in Valladolid over New Year and my experience was quite the opposite when it came to prices in bars/restaurants etc. A common theme was no jobs still to be found.

  5. NI house prices set to rise by 4%

    Seen this title and thought I have to read more, only to find (buried in the article):

    Tom McClelland of RICS said: "Northern Ireland house prices are now 54% below their peak, and whilst Northern Ireland prices rose above the UK average in mid-2007, they are now around half the UK average, according to DCLG figures.

    I didn't think this sort of information was published widely? Maybe I'm wrong or not paying attention...


  6. HPC related?

    More Northern Ireland people 'seeking debt help'

    A debt advice service has reported a significant increase in calls for help from people who have found themselves in debt.

    Advice NI said it received 270,000 requests for help in the last year.

    It said it had helped more than 2,200 clients deal with £55m worth of debt - an average of £25,000 per client.

    In its annual report, Advice NI said its advisers are reporting an increase in personal debt and a significant rise in the number of requests for help.

    Advice NI has 69 offices across Northern Ireland, employing 185 advisers.

    Chief executive Bob Stronge said that almost half of those seeking advice were homeowners, while 43% were suffering from mental health issues.

    "Every day our dedicated advisers see the human impact of the continued economic downturn with debt levels rising, concerns over welfare reform growing and more and more people being affected," he said.

    "For example, in the last year we dealt with an increase of 7% in demand for our Debt Action NI service, with 2,200 people with nearly £55m of debt being helped through a difficult situation.

    "Looking forward, we have serious concerns regarding the spread of 'pay day loans' and a worrying lack of understanding of the new welfare system, by those on whom it will impact most.

    "That's why we are calling on the executive to include a statutory right to free independent advice for all those affected by the changes, so that people can find their way through these changes without being adversely affected.


  7. (Reuters) - House prices will fall modestly next year, but that could prove optimistic should the euro zone sovereign debt crisis worsen significantly, a Reuters poll of analysts found.

    British homeowners have already seen around a fifth wiped off the value of their property since the height of the boom four years ago, compared with more than a third in the United States.
    The housing market - the primary generator of wealth for Britons through a 15-year boom that expired three years ago - could be in for a torrid few months.
    "Indeed, we believe that there are serious downside risks to this forecast and that house prices could well fall by more than 5 percent given the current deteriorating economic situation and outlook."

    Read more:


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