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  1. Bloke next door is moving back with his young family.Mining contract expired, had bought the house 2 years ago and is renting it out hoping to move back eventually when things improve.Could be waiting a while.
  2. They have three things they can do to keep the market rising, the way i see it. 1.Lower interest rates - currently 2.5%, would make a small difference for a short while. 2.Further relax foreign investment - already happening with the flood of Chinese buyers 3.The big one.Already up for discussion.Allow superannuation to be used in purchase of housing.Expect a huge rise in inflation if this is ever approved (And i think ti will be within the next 3 years)
  3. When even REIWA president David Airey is talking publicly about the amount of apartments coming on to the Perth market pushing prices down you know there's a huge issue. On another note i took the plunge last year.Dropped $50,000 on a Mt Barker block with a view of building a flat pack style home on it in a few years if the economy doesn't completely go down the pan.Perth prices are crazy, still well priced out in the towns though.
  4. If you think that is bad try reading the HP brown sauce reviews....
  5. I voted no because raising rates would increase debt repayments for the national debt.If the UK wiped it's debt then i agree it would be beneficial.
  6. Dropping 1 mill cash on a property is a little different than having to work 3 jobs and take out a liar loan to buy a 1 bedroom flat though isn't it? He is right when he says it is tough to know where to park your savings, who knows how much the fiat currencies will devalue in 2013? anywhere from 5-20%? sitting on a pile of cash is lose/lose.
  7. how much have the UK exports risen over the past year?
  8. 17 Bill is nothing compared to how much the Uk pays to be in the EU.More scaremongering from the fat cats, meanwhile they get rid of more and more jobs in the financial sector regardless.
  9. No-one here is "proud" of divide and conquer and last i checked it is being foisted on the UK through mass immigration and multicult as we speak. Remember these three things 1: Slavery of africans by europeans ended over 100 years before people here were born.Compare this to Saudi Arabia where slavery was officially ended in 1984.Yes 1984 that is not a typo. 2: European imperialism was the brainchild of 1/10th of 1% banking,industrial and royal elite.Majority of English citizens worked either in agriculture or working 14 hour days in factories, returning home to live in overcrowded slums 8 to a room.Conditions were not much better for the majority of UK citizens than that of slaves. 3: The era of Chinese imperialism in Africa began years ago.Where is the outcry from the left? There have been uprisings and rebellions against Chinese oppression but they are rarely reported.
  10. Yeah so the new world order has Africa just where they want them - completely reliant on globalist institutions like the United Nations, World bank, IMF, European Union.Completely non self sufficient.Now they are rolling out the same model in western countries and we are seeing a small but growing number of people pushing back by growing their own food, bartering etc.But a far larger number IS becoming more and more reliant on this government aid.These people are sleepwalking to their own death, either in a war, famine, concentration camp or another hellish outcome.
  11. They probably do go there.They certainly come to Australia for boxing day sales - view the pics and see for yourself http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/business-old/thousands-flood-city-boxing-day-sales/story-e6frg2qu-1226230657403
  12. Lol i don't think it's middle class doing this shopping andd spending 1000 pound per pop is it? This is upper class Chinese.Mid class chinese only earn USD7000 per year.
  13. might have worked 13 years ago, most people don't use burnable cds/dvds anymore when you can stream onto a tv or put the stuff on your mp3 player.
  14. Womens clothes dropped in price alot more than mens. Women don't notice the drop in quality as much?
  15. Interesting, i expect they are trying to cut off the one lifeline the young have - inheritance.Get rid of that and the young will be poor debt slaves forever, just where the liblabcons want 'em!
  16. Nah we have a hellish few days coming up. 41 40 42 41 Too hot to be walking around the city.
  17. they only legalised it because it was unenforcable
  18. So will the entire benefits system collapse and plunge the UK into chaos or will the government enact a socialist coup, steal everybodys wealth and make everybody then reliant upon the state.Maybe the first followed by the second even? Would the government have enough power to enact socialism after the pound becomes worthless or would the left just install new puppets to do it for them? So many choices so little popcorn.
  19. So build more high rise council flats in London instead of knocking them down and putting townhouses in their place.
  20. So move these people out of london to other towns and the unemployment in those towns will go up while dropping in London.The higher the proportion of immigrant scum the higher the unemployment.
  21. so basically a cashless society where mastercard and visa are king?
  22. 26k a year is still too much, should be more like 15k.
  23. Chinese massage parlours are popping up in the shopping centres everywhere here.
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