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  1. If you guys saw it coming I assume you are all posting from your mansions after making a packet shorting the banks? No?
  2. Ive heard this argument touted around on here before. I cant think of single new piece of software in the last 10 years that has significantly reduced the need for chartered accountants. In fact the number of people working in financial compliance will only increase in the future imo.
  3. Click Here Outstanding. Interest only mortgage at £550 a month for a 3 bed semi. Top wack market rental achievable £600. Loan repayments on the deposit! (lol) £349 per month. How could it all go wrong!! Can you spot the problem! Well....you could get some DSS tennants in I suppose. Gotta love this country sometimes.
  4. It ignores dividends. Its still pretty bad though. As an example I think (numbers may be a bit out) a dollar invested in the Dow Jones one hundred years ago would be worth about $9 now purely on capital gains, but if you had reinvested dividends you would be up to about $600.
  5. nah, what he's saying is right. But, Lending to finance a firms working capital is one thing, lending money to soak up losses is another. Many firms complain of working capital problems when in fact they are just losing money through trading losses.
  6. Id be pretty certain that all these business are losing money hand over fist. They have prob burnt through £000s in cash over the last year or so and the banks are getting cold feet. If they are such great businesses why doesn't Theo put his hand in his pocket and make an equity investment.
  7. Now Mr Obama is directly targeting the US house price falls. I genuinely think Brown will be looking at something radical he will be able to use whats happening in the US as some kind of precident. Scary.
  8. The following is the opinion of Danny Gabay who is a director of a consulting company and former economist at JP Morgan. He is reflecting on what should be done with the money that is about to be printed. The article was originally printed in the ICAEW monthly magazine. I think the politicians are so desperate to halt house price falls I am sure they are at least considering the possibility. Sobering for those hoping for house price falls. No mention of FTBs obviously. Thoughts?
  9. You are just being silly about it. You either want/need to sell or you dont. It's like me putting my 6 year old ford focus in autotrader for 25k, it's just wasting everybodies time. Moreover you are drawing the wrong kind of attention to your property, i.e. that its over priced. Decide whats best for you in your current situation and either drop the price to a realistic level or take it off the market.
  10. ha ha ha. This is quite funny. You may want to have a rethink about your situation.
  11. Bloomberg News Jim Rogers the outspoken American financial expert is very bearish on the UK. FWIW There aare loads of interviews with him on youtube where he discusses the current plight of the US (and UK) economy. He essentially thinks that the western world standard of living will have to fall dramatically. Lets hope he's not right, his stuff makes for pretty grimm reading. Is it time to leave now?
  12. lol at auditing financial giants. Clue; when was the last time your hours of auditing and analytical review actually led to a material change in the clients financial statements? Audit is full of cocky grads (unqualified) and qualified accountants who havnt got the skills or the ambition to move on.
  13. Posts on here are funny sometimes. If the house is on the market for £170k, do you really think they will accept £100k!!? You may well be right in house prices dropping significantly and I think they will to, but for christs sake dont be suprised that your offers of less than 60% of asking price are not accepted! Joe public do not share this forums extreme view on house prices!! Every other thread is "omg I just offered 80k on a house on the market at 140k and they wont accept, omg, omg. Dont they realise thats a fair offer?"
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