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  1. So this is what's wrong with our society, poster comes on telling us how his mate cheated on his rates while the rest of us had to pay up, and nobody says boo. Shameful.
  2. Seems to be broadly correlated with the normal seasonal variation in sales in the housing market i.e price increases in early spring for the 'bounce' , reductions at year end when not as much buyer interest. So a simple counter strategy is don't buy a new house in the spring, wait to the middle of winter.
  3. Perhaps more typical of asking prices for sites in BT9, but still overpriced no doubt. http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/TRLTRL63277/Site-15-Osborne-Park/?utm_source=email-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=property-alerts
  4. If you see any sites coming up in BT9 for £50k let us know, but I won't be holding my breath. You need to rethink your current (100 yr old?) pile of bricks valuation - a new pile of bricks on the same site will be worth much more.
  5. Not necessarily, depends on what proportion the debt represents of total net income but that's not the point of my post - the game changer is the fact that the govt have now explictly stated a policy intention to avoid a severe house price correction. Whether they can manipulate the market to actually do so is another matter.
  6. Thinking this is a very significant statement of policy intention by the Government - i.e. read this as 'a significant HPC through nominal prices just can't be allowd to happen or the banks / govt risk become insolvent, any adjustment is therefore going to have to be in real prices through inflation erosion and a long drawn out reduction to reach the bottom with broadly flat nominal prices for years as the preferable scenario'. http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/regulation/lenders-may-be-forced-to-cap-ltvs-says-osborne-%C2%A0/1045697.article Not exactly the news HPCers would be hoping for I'm thinking - first time I've seen such an overt comment by the govt on the need to keep house prices from falling too much too soon. Edit to add: reintroduction of MIRAS (mortage interest relief at source i.e. tax break) for those too young to remember) could be the mechanism to deliver such a policy objective and also help to balance the playing field for FTBers bidding against BTLers
  7. Have had a mixed experience with EAs but I have to say that I find women EAs do a much better job than their male colleagues
  8. Pinned thread updated for anyone interested in the data rather than VI spin (I think mods prefer discussion kept here)
  9. In a previous thread, you and Doccyboy and I discussed sticking points in the housing market and I was surprised by your anecodal view that the top and bottom were correcting and that the middle hadn't to the same extent. The attached data tends to support your position if SD house type is taken as a proxy for the middle of the market. (NB for 2003Q1 data missing, the next available data point was used, was going to do same for missing 2011 data but had to go too far back and was therefore misleading)
  10. Updated house price indicies for Northern Ireland 2005-2011Q4
  11. Updated all house prices by region 2003Q1-20114
  12. Seems it can and for even less! See here, this company's doing some very interesting work from an energy saving perspective. (no affiliation) http://www.viking-house.co.uk/ If you are into the green ideology, here's a site worth taking a look at http://www.greenbuildingforum.co.uk/forum114/
  13. Ground rent - not something to be worried about - a good solicitor would have obtained an indemnity from the vendor to protect any financial risk you might be exposed to. A leasehold isn't an issue to fret about either as long as its sufficiently dated - your was 900yrs plus I think from memory. Absolutely not a problem. You shouldn't have needed to pay tradesmen to provide quotes for work, not in this economic climate. The EPC - well you don't need to be told anything about that for the future. Incurring penalty charges for early withdrawal of funds was your mistake - I'm guessing you were lured by a slightly higher rate and this was a loss of interest, not capital. Working out what the difference after tax was going to be would have put these these penalty charges into perspective for the loss of financial flexibility you gave up. Only you can decide what the house was worth but a deal might still be done. In a small community like Dungannon I'd be pretty sure the EA knows your rent situation (maybe you even told him) and if it seems that you're going ahead with a new lease, who know's what might happen. Like I said before - it's a stressful buisness even when if it goes smoothly, so keep your pecker up, acknowledge your mistakes and learn from - we've all made them at some point.
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