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  1. "We need the money, I decided we're selling the garage dear" "When was the last time you used it?" "I only vaguely remember the last time I saw it, stumbled home drunk, I was very ill" "Did you clean up the mess?" "Oh, crap" Either that or it's missing a 'Police, do not cross' http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-47795306.html
  2. Unfortunately the times I have stumbled across this programme it has followed a common theme*: Kirstie: So, what's your budget? Young Couple: "£220k" Kirstie: Do you like this property? Only £230k Young Couple "No" Kirstie: *rolls eyes*, well how about this property? Only £240k Young Couple "No" Kirstie: Not being funny but you're on TV and I'm busy. How about this property? £250k Young Couple: Yeah, I guess Kirstie: Great! Oh, they won't accept £250k. Private undisclosed bid or the like. I suggest you go higher. Young Couple Oh, OK sure. Kirstie: Congratulations! It's yours for £270k. Young couple hit realisation, have a look of fear in their eyes. Phil: I just want to go home, please leave me alone. *Just my opinion
  3. Not sure how far along we are on the planned additional 3000 houses from a couple of years ago, but they've wasted no time getting Rodford Mews up. Still some silly asking prices around the area.
  4. Had a quick look on Rightmove, see what's happening around the area. I never did look at the prices of those new retirement homes on Westerleigh Rd. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-44773453.html A balcony, with views of other balconies. From £275k
  5. There seems to be a lot of demand in Yate / Sodbury at the moment, possibly due to the impending Riverside complex. Typical three bed end of terrace in Shire Way recently had an offer of £180k within an hour of being on the market. Also, a friend of mine and his partner recently put a bid of £183k on a house near Abbotswood which was listed at £170k.
  6. Hi, I was due to move to Norway in November - however I bottled it for the third time and I doubt I'll get the opportunity again. However, I believe to open up a Norwegian bank account, you would require a Norwegian ID number, as you stated. I looked at other opportunities to open an account beforehand, but no luck. Also I feel that if you're looking to invest in NOK, the price at the moment is abysmal, and I can't see it going much lower than it is. If you compare the last few years averaging around 10-11 NOK per £1, which was very low anyway, the current rates I believe are well below 10 NOK per £1...and in 2003 it was around 13 NOK. The issue with Norwegian currency is even though they are a rich country, the money is coming from oil and wood. Their oil isn't going to last forever, and they won't sustain the great economy they have now with wood alone. Just my opinion anyway! By the way, which part of Norway were you in? I was one of the Oslo lot :-) Edit: Now at 9.6,- to £1 ...that wouldn't even get you a bar of chocolate, a drink in a supermarket, and has probably forced the price of beer in a cheap pub to £6-£6.50!
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