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  1. What are you trying to achieve ? Have you considered speaking to others with alternative strategies? IMO - DO NOT SELL. Let the property out, it will be cashflow positive and a secure asset for your return. In the meantime go do what you want ( sounds a little adolescent to me - but who cares ) Dont end up lostinrent like the STR muppets on this site.
  2. There are gambles and there are calculated gambles. In the long run you have reduced the risk significantly by buying a property that can be refurbed to improve on its market value. An extra bonus to consider is SANF - Sleep At Night Factor, in your own little piece of home. No landlord control, no more consideration of the temp. property life. Well done. Finally got out of being lostinrent.
  3. Spot on TTRTR - newbuilds are nothing more than "packaged candy" , they are pushed on the novice, greedy and gullable i.e. Mr + Mrs J. Public - they will get slaughtered. The real money continues to be made buying cheap and renting under the market value in desirable locations - not newbuild rat cages. Just watch the bloodbath when new build projects in far flung lands ie Cyprus, Spain and the baltic coast go cold due to a lack of tourists revenue, service charges, repairs perhaps some of you will at last join the house owner clan after all
  4. Impressed with your reply - In a nutshell : 1. Learn financial freedom from those who have it while young 2. Dont expect teachers, parents or mates to know about financial freedom 3. work, save and take risk 4. Buy assetts that gain value through the magic of gearing and provide cashflow i.e. BTL 5. Borrow cheap money 6. Dont STR - it is a failure 7. There is no victory being lostinrent
  5. Facts please what did you sell, what did you buy and what were the costs. As I am in a good mood as I have just put an offer on a property which I asm confident of getting - I will help you along. Assume 2 bed house sold @ 125K i/c 100k profit : what were the removal costs storage costs for 18 months rental costs for 18 months valuation cost legal costs refurb costs removal costs again to 70k prop extra furnishing costs utility deposits misc. costs suddenly a 100k profit just about covers the downsize from 125k to 75k I repeat STR as a strategy has been a failure STR = Lostinrent for the majority
  6. In summary STR has been a failure. This website has had its day. The way of STR = Lostinrent
  7. A new study has revealed that the nation’s financial advisers believe that if an individual hasn’t put the basic building blocks of financial security in place by the relatively tender age of 26, they could face a lifetime of struggling to catch up. The findings may come as a wake-up call to Britons who can’t or won’t address their financial futures until they see grey hairs start appearing on their head, said the insurer Prudential. To be specific, the advisers think that starting a pension should happen at age 22, buying your first house should happen at age 25, and starting to save should happen at age 26. However, while this is the view of those people whose job it is to make sure people live in an idyllic financial situation, in reality things look rather different. The average first time buyer is aged 34.2 Similarly, the average age to marry – which is a traditional trigger to sort out finances – is 29 for women and 31 for men. Just under half of 1,000 consumers questioned wish they had reviewed their finances earlier in life, so they would be in a better financial position, with 25-34-year-olds feeling this more than any other age group. Roger Ramsden, Prudential UK executive director said: "At the bright young age of 26, many youngsters are not yet fully aware of the benefits that starting a pension and savings scheme can bring. For one thing, few are aware of the significant tax breaks of a pension. It is only later that they look back and wish they had acted earlier to maximise their finances." Unfortunately many people do look back and regret it. The Pru study found that 42% of Britons wished they’d reviewed their finances earlier in life to put them in a better financial position. Planning early is key to a secure financial future - but it is never too late to start, adds Roger Ramsden. "For those of us who do seem past it, we can still do an awful lot to improve our financial position, whether that is pay more into our pension, save more or reduce our debts," he said. dont be a mug and stay lostinrent, get on the ladder and stop being a burden on your parents or an idiot STR waiting for the great crash that is not happening
  8. They sold for the best offer so they could move on. That makes them MOTIVATED "worth" is between buyer / seller do u get it ?
  9. " Prices increase in all UK regions in first quarter House prices growth accelerates in all UK regions in Q1 House price rise in London outpaces UK for first time in four years Prices in Northern Ireland grow more than three times as fast as UK average House prices grow least in Northern region at only a tenth of the UK rate" I wish you nothing. now hurry up and get to school as mum is getting one of her many friends round soon, this will help pay the rent like last week.
  10. No it is quite simple - your "friend" was motivated to sell, they took a BMV offer and moved on with thier lives. Good for them that they bought well in Oz. Its all about making decisions and accepting the consequences. The valuation was for the bank.
  11. Houser prices are going UP End Of. lostinrent
  12. Sam is spot on. Nationwide BS : "News headlinesPrices increase in all UK regions in first quarter House prices growth accelerates in all UK regions in Q1 House price rise in London outpaces UK for first time in four years Prices in Northern Ireland grow more than three times as fast as UK average House prices grow least in Northern region at only a tenth of the UK rate " House sales are UP In my area House sales UP FTB mortgage applications UP In my street house opposite sold at asking price 185K We bought in 2004 @ 160K Work colleague bought in ELY, Camb. 2004 @ 175K, his nieghbour has accepted an offer on a similar terrace @ 190K over the weekend. My BTL properties re-valued in March + 12% rise from Q4 / 05 IMO - STR = LOSTINRENT Anyone grown up care to prove I am wrong ?? BTW every open forum site has its fair share of gobshites, we all know the gobshites on here. There must be some adult forum members who can string a debate that proves STR / Renting is superior to owning when prices are going UP Having said that I am up for it if the forum gobshites want to rumble. lostinrent
  13. Christmas cheer and best wishes in the new year to you all You could be a Bull, bear or just know a good investment strategy site - would you please share them at this time of goodwill towards all Bull sites : singingpig, + rightmove Bear site : HPC, Investment strategy site : motleyfool, FT Can you add more ? PS I'm working today, hence the Xmas day sign in (or am I just a saddo )
  14. Mamma's boy, accountant , and proud to be a parasite - you make my skin crawl :angry:
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