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  1. Hi Pet That was good ! I like the video. Why did you compare to me Hermy? I have read his posts and its funny what he was saying is playing out before our eyes. I notice you were his Number 1 Fan. Hermy and Miss Jones are a credit to this site. Cos they dont slap the back slappers.instead they give them a diferent perspective and slap faces instead. There is NO ideal solution to the problem, Bring forth all the bad debt and give our generation more taxes to pay NO THANKS ! The right thing to do is allow banks and borrowers to recapitalise and in addition inflate the excesses for another day, this is what happens in every business / economic cycle. It happens every 20 years or so once one bubble bursts the seeds are set for the next one to occur and so on etc etc. This is the nature of free trade. If the banks get rid of all Bad Debt you will be taxed higher, it makes more sense to allow debt to be repaid and let time take its course. The seeds have been set for the next big boom..... sit back and enjoy the ride
  2. Dear Mr Slump Stop being a GRUMPY old man and be kind to me, Im a first timer ! Yours Sincerely Happy FTB
  3. Hi Im a college graduate just got a decent job and am looking to buy and I believe I have found a house already...... for me and my boyfriend / fiance. Im so excited WOO HOO I have been following this site for a while and I am curious to know how Bankrupting all the people who have too much debt is a good thing? Surely with the government backing abd guaraunteeing the banks surely all the bad debt would inevitably be swallowed up by the tax payer and with trillions in bad debt surely me and my friends of the early to mid 20's would end up paying for the excesses of the previous generation........ Surely the best thing to do is allow those who over extended to pay down their debt to minimise risk to tax payers and economy, with lower interest rates. It is also a great opportunity for the banks to recapitalise a win win for all. In addition I have heard people comment on this site about the fall of the pound This is all GOOD because 1) It staves of deflation imports costing more 2) It will allow Uk economies a greater advantage to exporting goods all the bad news is finished. Its all Good from here on in. As long as you dont lose your job in the mean time..... Woo Hoo Prices are well affordable for me and my fiancee at the moment we are so lucky we didnt buy in 06 and 07. We are in a brilliant position as with all my friends. I am so excited.. Glad we left it till I finished Uni. Both on I suppose average wages. I went into an estate agent today and he was all over me, with all the cheap properties in mid-ulster, I think i might even buy two. One as an investment and One to live in. We worked out cheaper to buy a house than have money in the bank.. and alot cheaper to buy than rent. Isnt life SWEET
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