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  1. Wow, there is a high level of debate on this site these days. I remember what this site was like leading up to the crash. It is a sad, shadow of it's former self
  2. Does joinery encompass battering your bathroom door down with an axe?...
  3. Try another forum. Bunch of retarded VI's on here (see above responses for more information)
  4. It's not a stupid question at all! If anthing the oppsite is true. How people behave as IR pass zero is uncharted territory and therefore very interesting indeed. Most of the threads on this site are these days so dull they seem to run to a formula : 1. OP post news article, link and one line of dull opinion. 2. One page of paraphrasing the same opinion. 3. The thread is hijacked by a few people discussing cars, motorbikes or living abroad. 4. Two people who don't like each other start having an internet fight about a minor point in the semantics of something one of them said. 5. Everyone else drifts off to look at porn.
  5. I hate these sort of threads. Each poster carefully licking around the ar se hole of the one above. I used to visit this forum when people debated a topic. Now they just mas debate. Over each other's identikit thoughts. How many ways can you say Labour are sh ite ffs?
  6. the start of the cull is nothing to do with money, it is all to do with religion and a destiny fortold for this year of our finality.
  7. Won't work anyway. Nothing an EA whispered in my ear would make me sell my house for 40% less than I wanted. I think you over estimate the persuasive powers of these barely-jumped-up shop assistants...
  8. Call that a baton charge? I saw one officer use a baton. I was a the poll tax riots. A mate of mine who was a cycle courier was batoned trying to help his girlfriend over a barrier to escape mounted police charging the crowd in Hyde Park. His face contorted in agony was snapped by a photographer. He was a really soft spoken guy who was just on the wrong place at the wrong time. Next day the picture appeared on the front page of the express. The caption? Rent-A-Thug!
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