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  1. After a dozen or so of these sites we can then have a Compare the Housing Market.con And give out blow up dolls to the gullible. Always thought the net would make the middle man obsolete. Seems we are some way off.
  2. Will be going through the same process in the next 12 months. Please keep us informed. I would imagine the bureaucracy more daunting than the actual construction. Structural engineer is probably the first step.
  3. They run this story last year showing how the Romanina mafia block buy the big issue and control these Roma women. http://www.dailymail...YOUR-money.html Therefore she is probably not self emplyed but working for the mafia. The big issue profits goto the mafia, while the women get the social security, tax credit and child allowance as a salary. Suprised this information was not brought up in the latest story.
  4. You will find that some members of the board at the largest agencies are also linked to the board at some of the Uk's largest companies. In the current system Manual labour is a byproduct and must be eradicated. Bunch of inbreds!
  5. Good post, this subject is not getting the attention it deserves, I feel it to be one of the most important topics this year. My contract with the Uk's leading comms company expires on 23/12/2011. (qualifying day for AWR). We have not been informed yet what our pay will be. They will be recruiting a token amount of staff. Christmas is either going to bring mass unemployment or huge wage inflation in excess of 40%. New year will probably bring many tribunals as these companies try to avoid compliance. Where I work the agency working opposite the permies are payed 50% lower, with none of the usual perks, pension, sickness benefit etc.
  6. What is the percentage of polymers in the onion?
  7. For thousands of years people have bred, benefits are quite a new phenomenon and that is why you and I are here today. While I understand your feelings it is the state that is to blame. The state has taken away many freedoms and our liberties are disappearing. It is all too easy to condemn the poorest while those in power are let off the hook. Your directing your frustration at the victims and not the perpetrators. We all are; we have been conditioned to think this way.
  8. Plus 140 from Northampton announced a couple of weeks ago. Offshoring their fraud dept to India
  9. There's plenty of experience on the MSE board. Source in the link statute barred
  10. Sorry but this is slightly wrong, statute barred is simply that. After the first 6 years the debt is non enforceable. You can inform the collection agent you are not paying (after 6 years from default/last communication) and if they persist to pester you for the debt, Sue them for harassment. If however, you make written contact within the six year period, the term will reset itself. One problem with bankruptcy is you always have to declare it if asked, now more and more companies are asking "Have you ever declared bankruptcy?". The easiest way out of most debt is to simply erase it from one's mind.
  11. Hey Mr P good info and thats quite a frugal budget for a westerner, though the in-laws (2) near Borabu do it on less than a third of that. Biggest cost is fuel for the motorbike, bottled gas, and cooking sauces. We estimate that they are 85% self sufficient. They have rice to trade for one off purchases. Is the Thai annualised minimum wage about 1252 pounds?
  12. Why do some lenders use your gross earnings to calculate what to lend to you? why not my nett earnings? As I pay around a third of my gross in tax and NI, why do they want to lend on money I do not have? thanks.
  13. Unable to access internet banking all afternoon at Nationwide. Thought the enforced US bank holiday was tomorrow the 26th
  14. Do we care, are we too busy with all the other distractions? The 34th bank to fail this year, BankUnited (BKUNA) had $12.8 billion in assets, $8.6 billion in deposits and 85 branches. 34th Bank failure
  15. I think the moral of his story is when trying to do a deal, have a camera crew hanging around. Seriously, I watched the whole series, no mention of taxes, duties, embargo's, bribes, cartels, mafia, shipping insurance blah blah. What would interest me more is a show about the making of this show, looking at all the back office dealings. Finally if anyone is thinking about exporting a car or wine to Thailand, good luck you will need it.
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