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  1. Been doing it for over 10 years now and it's reached the point where everything is just a slightly different form of a problem I've already solved previously. The challenge and the feeling of learning/progressing is what I'm after from a career change.
  2. I'm a software developer, mortgage almost paid off, so will soon be able (financially) to change careers and take a pay cut without too much bother. There are 2 big government deparments located fairly near me - the national statistics office and the patent office so will be having a look whether there is anything that interests me there - statistician or economist positions maybe, although I would probably need some further study first. Does anyone have any experience working in either of these 2 departments who could give any pointers as to what the work is like? Also thought about going back to my original degree subject and becoming a science teacher, think it would be enjoyable teaching A-level but not too keen on the spotty 13 year olds
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