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  1. Yet, they are quick enough to charge £35 for being 11p overdrawn, I can see why they need those £35 charges now.
  2. When I was a young and very poor nurse, I rented a flat above the dentist. I t was cheap and they only let out to nurses or police for security reasons. pros quiet on weekends. everyone knew where it was, no directions required, easy parking out of office hours never needed to buy toothpaste. Cons shift work sleep disturbed by drilling, screaming and absconding children! always smelled of mouth wash.
  3. Monsoon- the quality of the garments has really slid over the last 18 months. A lot of outdoor/equestrian/ skiing stuff is finding it's way in to clearance outlets. Joules puffa splash musto all trendy specialist stuff
  4. I thought Ms Winehouse was quite funny with her banter, she did show some wit, shame it was in front of kids.
  5. That may have been me, not much else to do in Vegas if you dont gamble? Actually, from the female perspective, I actually dont get the Christmas thing at all, if you dont have youngsters, once every 5 yrs would be nice, but my mates call me the grinch!
  6. I love the utility/dining room. The added clothes airer really does lend some ambience to the scene, what prat of an EA takes a photo with the clothes airer on show?
  7. What's 'x' factor? is it to do with chromosones or somthing?
  8. I have to disagree with OP, born in 63, I have lived through some hard times and made hard choices. I gave up poorly paid nursing and moved away from home ( by the sea) to enable the purchase of my first property back at home ( aged 22). I worked long hours and did extra jobs especially when the interest rates rose to astronomical heights. I never had a credit card, I didnt marry or have children and I paid my mortgage off early. In life you make choices according to circumstance, I am now comfortable, I have travelled the world, I work part time, I was able to buy a flat for my father in his later years. I get annoyed by the work shy wanting it all, I get really annoyed that I have to subsidise the lardy chain smoking baby machines of this nation and I hope this stops soon. I detest chavs but am at peace with myself.
  9. I think poundland have beaten you to it, along with with the very fitting and dignified windmills and mobiles. Those battery operated birthday cards could be used to alert you to subsidence whithin the plot. All in the best possible taste and cheap!
  10. +1 I recently posted ( former hospice nurse) on the treatment of my terminally ill father, to cut a long story short, I took Dad in when he first became ill. I had no help except from his GP untill the last 3 days of Dad's life except that help consisted of specialist nurses with their forms and folders and no one did any 'hands on'. That was left to me. I was inundated with non communiating agenies who did f all. The only ones who were practical were the Marie Curie nurses who did give me 2 shifts for respite. Imagine my disgust when I get put on the hospice fundraising list before Dad was even laid to rest as if I really want to go to their damn ball? Yes, phone calls have been made. I really have no inclination to support the hospice with it's sniffy, hopeless' that's not my job', so called nurses. I was a founding nurse at this hospice and know my stuff, there are few beds there now ,as the wards have turned in to offices for form filling specialist nurses who give advice like ' go sick'. I work in mental health and I actually care about my patients. I don't nurse now, I work on the legal side, there is actually less paperwork and more time with patients.
  11. Sounds like it actually her money! No hugs, give the girl a break, no wonder she is depressed.
  12. Check out Fulfords auction site, but remember the lack of jobs as the kids grow up, dire public transport links and anyone on Dartmoor needs a 4x4 to get off the moor. Many people do chase the dream and there is no utopia although the scenery is great.
  13. I have just lost my Father to terminal cancer, I was one of the founding nurses in our local hospice, we had one building 2 wards accomodating up to 20 patients and a day centre where staff bathed patients still at home and attended to their personal care. They now have 2 buildings and a third being built, no day centre and 7 beds!!! I nursed Dad at home, there was no choice and 9-5 was bombarded by District nurse- no nursing involved but a big yellow folder to be filled in by any visiting teams. Crisis intervention team!!!!!!! due to help with care but really by 12.00 noon my Dad wanted to be up, so no use there, they were meant to enable me to go to work errrrrrrrr no help at all especially when they tangled a catheter bag and tube around his leg, nearly causing a crisis to enable them to intervene. OT, nice girl got me the nursing equipment. Night district nurse came to change catheter with no inco sheets, then told me she wasnt qualified to administer a suppostory! she could not flush a toilet either, probably not qualified. A palliative care nurse ' I dont do hands on' A hospice at home nurse, ' I'll come back tomorrow', no, she didnt A financial assessor ' Oooh look, you dont have to pay anything towards your Dad's care' A Macmillan nurse ' Go sick' 2 different care agencies who eventually turned up 2 days after Dad had died, and yes, they turned up the following day too. All these people have offices in what used to be the wards in the hospice, the only ones who offered any real assistance were the Marie Curie nurses who did give me 2 short shifts to enable me to get out. They are not associated with the local hospice, the rest of them were a total waste of hospice space. In this time I was offered pampering sessions, so, who was going to look after Dad? They have also just written to ask me if I would like to pay for the privilage of having a candle lit for him? It really seemed as if the patients got in the way of a good job for most of them.
  14. I thought she was a right chav and had either had a hard life or was dressing far too young for her age, she did suit the grey wig
  15. I've seen quite a few especially small hotels/guest houses, well, this the english riviera but the people have just evaporated! It's a small town and people know each other, they are not giving any indication of being in trouble just disappearing to be replaced with a notice in the front door. Haart estate agents appear to have the main contract for repos but are advertising them at the going rate or even higher, quite a few upmarket places and I have seen 50% losses on the superior end of the market. A lot of people splitting up are just putting the properties up at 30% below the average to achieve a quick sale and end of the union, most of these are long term marrieds and will have a lot of equity in their property.
  16. Exactly! She would not have been sectioned if she was not deemed 'unwell' and killing her son was probably due to a severe mental disorder, the increasing debt was probably all part of her condition. Poor kid.
  17. You go for it Sibs, you are obviously bored and need a hobby, good luck
  18. I agree, it shows immaturity, lack of judgement, and no sense of responsibility, he is the type to scarper from the scene and leave some one to die!That is why many victims do not get any assistance, no damn insurance.
  19. My home village( North coast) has seen quite a number of sales this month, buyers seem to be going for the old traditional cottages as opposed to bungalows with views or 2 bed flats.
  20. I have noticed a real lack of quality in clothing available. Monsoon and M&S particularly poor at the moment.
  21. Well, I am sure A4E could get a good wedge for filling the post on a tempoary contract!
  22. Initially I wanted to cry, my hall way is that aqua colour but with white, but it aint in the bedrooms or anywhere else am off now to paint sponge bob on to walls to adda touch of class
  23. Yep, again spot on. Haart do seem to have an ongoing contract and deal with most of the repos locally, the agents tell you that they are not allowed to divulge that it is a repo despite the murder scene tape and notice in the window. They will normally disclose how much has been offered on a repo property prior to the notice appearing in the local paper.
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