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  1. Well hes been ranting on about how brilliant the market is in his area and how prices were not falling. Well now he is asking about an evening job. http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17885786 I see someones already given him some stick.
  2. Doesn't matter how bad it gets I can't see him going. He just continues to read out the same glum speech about how he is the man to pull us out of bad economic times. I think if push came to shove he would rather call a general election to get Labour out of power than resign.
  3. I really wouldn't bother unless you do masses of miles. A decent conversion will cost between £1200-1500. Cars tend to be anything up to 30% less efficient and perform poorly. Garages are more reluctant to work on them and they are often exempt from servicing deals. Transport can also be a problem with eurostar not allowing them to travel. Cars that have been converted are also not exempt from congestion charging.
  4. Unfortunately he will probably win it. Hardline Labour voters are brainwashed from generation to generation. When they interviewed a few on TV some thought that Thatcher was still the opposition leader.
  5. Whenever anybody writes anything negative about UK soceity it is always met by this kind of comment. We just can't take any critism, even from Countries that have probably been there and know a lot more about it than we do.
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7300430.stm See the beeb are at it again. Guess they are trying to start another "Mini Boom".
  7. I was doing some IT work at a local car dealers yesterday. He deals mainly in prestige and high performance vehicles. He reckons the budget has just wiped thousands off the value of his stock. Many cars are likely to be virtually unsellable now, especially automatic variants that traditionally have higher emisions. Not just high performance machines either, automatic Mondeos and Mazdas fall into to £400 a year tax bracket, these are family cars. From what he was telling me he is likely to stop specialising in high performance and prestige cars and avoid taking any cars of group F and abov
  8. Come on there is no point in paying someone elses mortgage. You could nearly get an interest only mortgage for the price of your rent.
  9. Seems our friendly EA with his flourishing house market needs finance to buy a PC case!! http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthrea...19#post11253919 LOL commision must be good.
  10. Never mind they are Labour Councils down there so I am sure if any damage is done they will get new houses built at the cost of the South Eastern tax payers.
  11. Surely this will just bring us back to the nineties when lots of people started ordering their cars in Europe to avoid treasure island prices. The more they tax, the uncompetitive and unattractive spending money in the Uk becomes.
  12. I really can't see rates rising. I know it makes sense but the BoE have been making a lot of decisions over the past three years that don't make sense.
  13. That site has the worst Sheeple following I have ever seen. I stopped posting their a long time ago because if a moderator so much as has a weekend away, they come back and have a 20 page welcome back let me kiss your bottom thread.
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