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  1. But further out but fast train into waterloo takes 20-25 mins, try Twickenham Whitton Lots of 1930 terraces or semi with a good garden costs around £350k Good luck
  2. Good point the plane noise may put people off , I have just purchase in Whitton and was amazed by the bang for your buck compared to other locations I suppose it is on a case by case basis and depends on what each individual is looking for
  3. Can someone explain to me why the 3 bed terraces or semis in Kingston like a previous posting remarked are circa £1 million, when around Whitton Isleworth etc they are circa £350k ? Whilst I understand that kingston has a great retail draw and decent schools and transport links , I beleive that Whitton Isleworth is closer to London with good transport links and improving high street with more of a village feel. Seems crazy to me
  4. Whitton is a lot cheaper than Twickenham and is the next stop on the SOUTHWESTFast train , there are lots of nice terraced 1930's properties in the vicinity which can be had for £300-350k, or possibly lower. There are also some fine school with good records but best do your own research on that as there are some bad ones too. I purchased their recently with my girlfirend and love the area Good luck
  5. Sold my one bedroom flat in Wandsworth on the 2nd September for the same as I bought it for in March 2007. Lots of developments kicking off in SW london and I did not really want to be surrounded by building sites for 6 years then realising that when I come to re-sale I have 400 one and two beds flat competing with mine. Also need more space and a change of scene Buying a semi in the leavy London suburbs completing on the 15th September I am probably mad but looking forward to it
  6. You can get a 4 bed semi for just over half that inflated (£4300 x 140) price on the Whitton borders with still 10 mins walk to the stationand high street Around £300 to 350k
  7. There are plans for Rugby World Cup in 2015 to improve Twickenham station and the surrounding areas will also benefit from investment. Fingers crossed
  8. Rousseau - If you look at Whitton Iselworth or (shock horror) borders of hounslow the prices drop quite significantly The transport links are still good , the house slightly bigger and the area is nice Twickers 3 bedroom house is £400k whereas sligtly further out west to the area above the house would be £350 -£300k Good luck
  9. Well looks like we are exchanging in the next few days Whitton has a lot of room for improvement, ie the high street etc But hopefully when times improve some regeneration will take place and rejuvinate the area. But I am pretty much visting the area weekly and still feel that this is the right place for us As far as I am aware they are currently extending the Whitton platform to cater for 10 coach trains & (to the delight of the commmuters) the cafe is reopening
  10. Pretty sure that there are fast trains to Waterloo from Twickenham. From Whitton in the morning they run more regularly (ie Peak Time) stopping I believe at Twickenham Richmond Putney Clapham Junction Vauaxhall and London Waterloo taking 20-25 mins, In the evening there are 2 fast trains an hour from Waterloo to Whitton one at 28 mins past the hour and then 58 mins past , there will be more fast trains to Twickenham I think. Check out nationalrail.co.uk I heard that Hounslow is not that nice , it is due to be totally redeveloped so I have heard. I agreed that Twickenham and St Margarets are pricey , cant realy understand why? No better transport links, maybe good schools etc Well hopefully we should exchange this week, so fingers crossed Many thanks
  11. There is defintely a differential in price and appeal between the Whitton Borders; Twickeham Isleworth Brenford Hounslow Feltham Hanworth etc and Whitton, so I have witnessed IMHO The things is, the areas the are NOT nice ie bordering Hounslow Feltham Hanwoth seem to have some higher asking prices, (this is not due to decent school catchments, I went around with my Mother In Law who is a local child minder) I reckon that some agents are being realistic, whereas others are just taking a punt before then asking the vendor to reduce the asking price. Or may it is the un-realistic views of the vendors themselves. Anyway I am happy with the area, my offer has been accepted , the house is more than I could have hoped for at the price agreed
  12. Some asking price that I have been sent through (still on the mailing lists for all the local estate agents in Twicker/Whitton) are insane Worse location, further away from the stations, on main busy road , one less bedroom or badly configured , not asethically pleasing from the outside, of are flat rather than semi detached etc are on the market for £100k more than the asking price of the one we are now under offer for ! Few properties (small minority) are reasonablly priced others are just way out of sync with the rest Vendors driving the pricing ? Looking forward to seeing the SALES figure and at what discounts these are from the asking prices Will
  13. Now some might call me mad, but I have looking to buy and have found a nice place in Whitton /Twickenham , the missus and I need more space than we currently have in a one bedroom flat in South West london and we are making our nest for the future. What I cant get my head around is why anyone in their right mind would want to spend £350k - £400k on a small flat in Wandsworth/ Balham / Clapham (where I am currently living) when you can get a 3-4 bedroom house with a garden in the Twickenham area which is only 20 mins into Waterloo. Why is Twickenham/ Whitton so cheap ? Sure it is further out of London , therefore my one big night out a month with the lads cab fare in the early hours will be a bit higher but this is offset by the standard of living and increased accommodation in the "burbs" It seems to me that Prime Central London is being purchase by foreign money (who percieve the prices are at a discount as the rate of sterling is so low) this in turn is driving other buyers further out to Wandsworth Clapham Balham even Tooting etc What further surprises me in the asking prices since we went under offer in the Twickenham Whitton area seem to have increased Sure this will have to implode at some point ?
  14. There is also an earmarked regneration in consultation of the area Minerva own the Rams Brewery and were looking to construct 2 x 32 storey residntail towers with lots of new commercial units and opening up the River Wandle completely redesigning the high street which is currently dated with Pizza Deliveries and charity shops. This was pulled due to Hazel Blears calling it in ... Minerva also own a site behind the Southside Centre which is to redeveloped from vacant live work units and industrial to new dwellings..... A further site currently Wandsworth Business Village (currently short term office lettings and light industrial) is owned by Glebe and is to be developed to 232 homes and commercial units totlling over 10,000 sq ft with new walkways and street art. Lots was going, but most is on hold We just need Clapham Junction to get an upgrade or some better transport in the area
  15. I am a chartered surveyor based in Central London the websites you need are egi.co.uk, propertyweek or FOCUS Most have further more advanced services for searching for deals and availability which oyu will have to pay for. I suggest that you just go to the commercial agents in your area and ask for their latest market overview and research, and / or availiability schedules. Chat to the agents about the latest deals done
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