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  1. Discussing this today and I couldn't explain why raising interest rates would help our economy. The person I was talking to was insisting it would slow spending and promote saving. Surely though, if the majority (myself included) would find themselves stretched even further to pay a mortgage, then they certainly aren't going to save. And they'll also have far less disposable income to spend into the economy. Winners are the banks - again. So what is the political reason and what is the real reason? Thanks!
  2. I would have gladly remained renting for ever, if not for the ridiculous 6 month tenancy "agreements". If renters were offered some more security from feckless (often amateur btl) landlords, as in much of Europe, then it would be more far more attractive. And dare I add, more of a win-win situation as opposed to the usual Baron-Serf setup this country is so well-known for. (and btw - I did meet your somewhat strange criteria!)
  3. Why have so many on this forum got a negative attitude towards families with children?! I am married with 2 children, self-employed, my wife works part-time and spends the rest of her time raising our children. We are just as shafted by the system as anyone else. Unless you earn a pittance (and I feel sometimes as if we do!) then you get diddly-squat. Child benefit is a token payment. Child tax credits are a small give-back of the far larger amounts already taken. You can only claim working "families" tax credits if you are earning very very little. We are a typical family, in the mi
  4. Thanks, I don't think it's quite as mad a move as some would. When you are as good looking as my missus you can afford to be seen in such an ugly car. It's great to drive, great for the kids and I have a chip coming which will take it safely up to 145bhp. Just noticed recently too that other Multipla owners all wave and flash - creepy club! Maybe, but I would pay a premium for a private purchase (hate dealers). Car is immaculate, driven mainly by me from new (advanced motorist), full service history, winter pack (pretty rare). Besides, it sold last night for £4500 so Glass' guide
  5. We have not so much downsized, as rationalised. We are selling our 51 plate VW Golf GTtdi - lovely immaculate car, heated leather, cheap tax, very fast and economical etc etc. We would have kept it forever but we have bought instead a 54 plate Fiat Multipla (don't laugh too hard). Top spec, turbo diesel, larger so suits our growing family. It also has half the mile that the golf has and should also be cheaper to run. Bought the "popemobile" for £2200 (knocked 'em down from £3000 - desperate seller!) Should be able to get £4700 - £4500 for Golf. I have "more" of a car and also poc
  6. Hey, if you guys ever throw a party... Can I come?!! (please?) (sorry - couldn't resist it!)
  7. You thunk Oh so wrong! Politicians (every single last one) are in it for one thing only - themselves. The whole system (not just the political side) is a lie and a scam. (I thought everyone knew that by now?)
  8. Some of us (i.e. me) are just coming back after a long time away. The news since Friday just shows where we are heading and I have to say it's getting pretty interesting. I guess some of us couldn't stick it out fully for the past few years, hanging around the forum, but the things discussed / speculated / learnt on here are not easily forgotten!!!
  9. Just a thought and not really "war-related", but with the impending (wait & see) financial melt-down, I wondered what happened to people during WWII when they couldn't afford to pay mortgages. Don't shoot me down! I have no idea of the financial state of affairs of that era and I appreciate that mortgaged people were probably far fewer, but I want to try and understand whether the government acted to assist in any way. What will happen now when SO many people begin to default on mortgages, as seems inevitably to be on the horizon? In the early 90's I know that many families lost th
  10. I'm back! Recent news has sparked my interest again. This thread is interesting, although I've been lazy and not read it all. I can really see a depresion at (best), or total societal collapse (at worst) coming soon. Things will NOT be like the 30's or the World Wars because in a nut shell; society has changed. People are greedier, more selfish, expect more, far more secular (i.e. religion has no positive influence on the masses anymore). Complete anarchy did not break out then, but look at Hurricane Katrina and the anarchy which broke out there. US and UK news channels censored lots of
  11. Yes, me too. I would happily pay into the landlord's pension fund. In fact. do they have a landlords benevolent fund going? If so, I could also donate my STR monies!
  12. I have even seen a "VIEWING ARRANGED" sign up!!! Kidding!
  13. Interesting. My wife spotted the same type of thing happening in Preston, Lancashire also. She has found redutions of over 25% on 3 or 4 properties in the past few months. The local property post has one EA in their with "priced realistically for quick sale" slashed across several of the photos. I have never seen that before!
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