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  1. I wouldn't like to comment on European train drivers as I simply don't know what they are paid, however, I would imagine their conditions are better than UK drivers. UK train companies are purely out to make profit whilst staying within the remit of the conditions of their franchises. If the rail companies could get away with paying their staff less for more work across the board they would do it at the drop of a hat. Capitalism. But I guess most companies would do the same. Although, on the face of it, rejecting a £39k 35hr week may seem greedy, I would bet money that the drivers in Wales are losing alot of conditions for that deal. That is what you dont read about, only the headline grabbing greedy drivers lol. Also If you lowered the wage of a train driver to say 25-30k, people just wouldn't do it. It's to much of an anti social lonely job.
  2. I don't know about the 1970s, but late 80s to early 90s the pay was not that good, but it also wasn't terrible. On British Rail a driver could spend time going into work playing cards for a few hours and going home without ever turning a wheel. Post privatisation, that all changed (not over night but gradually). Train drivers get paid the money they do because of the responsibilitiy involved. There is a rule book that has to be strictly adhered to. If the driver doesn't operate his/her train as per the rule book and someone gets killed/injured it is the driver's responsibility and he will be liable. At best he will lose his job at worst he will go to prison. The driver is paid fairly well because he carrys the can. Add to that starting work at 4am one week and finishing at 2 am the next week, working weekends and missing out on your kid's birthday. I don't think they are over paid.
  3. That was the case on British Rail, a cushey number, but the pay was low. A bit like working for the council I suppose. Post privatisation they doubled the pay but doubled the work load.
  4. Thanks for the reply Hara, problem solved.
  5. Maybe but its on all the properties I look at, they can't all be anonymous. Maybe my I've fiddled with my settings by accident.
  6. Why is it that when you click on the little person icon, with the speech bubble, within the Property Bee information it comes up saying "found by n/a". It used to say give you the info of the original finder but now all I get is n/a on all the properties I look at. Cheers.
  7. I'm in south Essex and I'm seeing exactly the same falls. Plently of 10k drops, and more in some cases, on three bed semis, terrace and detatched properties. Also quite a few that have sold then come back on as available. And all this while 1-2% rises are being reported. The figures are definitely being skewed. The vendors/estate agents around my area just need to get over the phsycological 200k barrier. Every price has to start with a 2 it seems.
  8. I read that article in the Times. If I understood it correctly, I think you can only get the last three years of any capital gains exempt if you flip/designated your second home as your primary residence. Any gains made before that are still to be taxed at the capital gains rate (hopefully 40%, no 50%). And, being as there has been virtually nil increase in property prices in the last three years i doubt there will be much to get exempt. Also, the "flipping" aspect only applies to second homes, and as far as I am aware does not cover buy-to-let (You can't have a BTL and say its your second home I think) I just hope the powers that be can make the destinction between what is a second home and what is a BTL.
  9. I worked on a temporary basis sorting mail for the Post Office/Royal Mail about 13-14 years ago. I think the hourly rate was about £5 then. Wages haven't gone up much have they?
  10. Delighted, We're in almost the exact situation as you, 60k deposit, thinking of around 210k purchase price, 150k mortgage (hmmm, feels uncomfortable writing that) and a 5yr fix. I feel we've waited for so long and the drops haven't materialsed, and we find ourselves thinking should we buy now. But then a dose of reality kicks in. We've waited this long so another year won't make too much difference. There's an election coming, interest rates have only one way to go. I think this year will define what direction houseprices are going to go. Whatever you do good luck, but I'd be inclined to be patient for just a little bit longer.
  11. I know someone who drives trains for a living. Driving trains is a $h1tty, monotomous and quite often stressful job. The worst shift patterns going. One week start at 4am for a 10hr shift, then the next week start at 5pm. Weekends included also. And the work content is horrendous. The pay maybe good but the train companies don't give it away. Plus you have to put up with rude passengers. I imagine this is the same for the TFL tube drivers. To say they are overpaid (they are currently third in the poll) is rubbish. It's a crappy job. I think the reason people think they are overpaid is because they think the job is working class and easy, and therefore resent the fact that the drivers earn more than alot of the office bods. It's a far from pleasant job.
  12. Mike, It isn't the generation above you who are thick when it comes to the housing market. It's the generation above you who are house owners that are thick. They are chuffed to bits that they are not in your/our position. I'm 40 and a renter who is saving a sizeable deposit for a house and I too am sick of the "great time to buy" brigade. The conversation usually goes along the lines of "Renting, that's dead money mate. Get yourself on the property ladder mate, that's what you wanna do. All that money wasted, down the drain mate." I then proceed to tell them how much my rent is, £800 a month, which translates into roughly a 130k mortgage at 5% interest. I then tell them that I need another 70-80k to put down as a deposit to buy the same house I am renting. I then get the all too familair blank look, followed by a puffing of the cheeks and an exaggerated exhale of breath, "Blimey, thats a bit steep." I then say, "so, you see my predicament. This is why house price need to come down blah, blah, blah." Them, "Naaah, they won't come down, Guvverment won't allow it." Then, almost without fail I hear, "but you wanna get your self on the ladder mate, dead money that renting lark." It's like they sort of get it, but don't. Most of them are not actually thick, they just can't put themselves in your position, which they need to do, to really appreciate what it feels like to be totally and utterly priced out the market, faced with either the perils of the rental market or a life of crippling debt. Alot of the blokes at work are like dogs with two dicks when they talk about the "value" of their houses. It's like they have "made it" through financial genius. lol
  13. I'm in the southeast and I have seen prices dropping courtesy of Property Bee. 200k-ish houses dropping 5-10k, not lots, but enough to show a definite direction. Two properties show 10k rise. This is all over roughly the last month. However, new properties coming on to the market are priced 10-20k more than similar properties already for sale. Maybe this is the start od something positve for bears??
  14. Definitely a $hitty situation to be in for the home owners/debtors. I'd be wary of going around there with a bat to sort them as I'd probably end up leaving with said bat (or knife) stuck up my ar$e. Rest assured the other men folk would not be far away. Leaving women and children in the house is a good way of lessening the chances of someone trying to move them by force. What gets me is why you would want to move your family from your own country to this one where you don't speak the lingo and subject them to this sort of experience? Can you imagine turning up in a country and piling into a house which you know the owners are going to be back, changing the locks and saying f.cuk you. You know you're in for a world of grief even if you do get to stay in the property for 6 months or so. Brass balls or what??? I know we have it much better than most of the east European countries, and we give out free money to anyone that wants it, but come on, is Romania that bad that you have to subject your family to the grief?
  15. Lakeside shopping centre wasn't too busy two days before Christmas, but aside from that no sign of recession. People are still buying quarter mil crappy houses round here.
  16. I agree with everything you say. What I fear though is that when interest rates do go up, or some other event happens to make the market fall to its correct level (as free markets should work), then Government of the time will put some other artificial vehicle in place to stop any correction. They will make it up as they go along and keep putting the fires out as the occur. It pains me to write this but from what I've seen so far it doesn't look too promising.
  17. Merely my opinion sir. However, I get the distinct impression that a few people in this country are sick to the back teeth with Gordon. This also includes one or two home owners.
  18. My girlfriend and I feel exactly the same as you Seanie. We are renting and have a decent deposit in the bank. However, it seems pretty worthless when measured against property. In my view all these rises of late are due to QE but that can't go on forever. I think that you/we need to wait until a year after the election to get an idea of where things are heading. These recent rises are artificial and pollitical to see labour to the polls. Just remeber that QE will stop and interest rates have only one way to go, and that is UP. These are facts, so prices should come down (hey look logical thinking). But what will a Conservative government do? More of the same?? I'd like to say that our frustration will end soon and it will all be alright, but the more this goes on I can see that the Government has fcuked things up to such a point that high house prices are key to our economy. Hang on until after the election and see what the Torys have in store for us, but don't get too excited. Good luck
  19. Don't screw with the family home, hoping for a profit. Tell your daughter to rent for a year, maybe two, and then see what the situation is post election.
  20. My link I found this piece on the Independant's website that basically says we should just put up with renting like the Europeans do as housing is just too expensive. The real article with all the good stuff must be in the actual newspaper itself, unless I've missed other related stuff on the website. Is that it???????????????
  21. Hi Redprince, Congrats on your marriage. I feel the same as you about not getting sucked into to the BS and hype. Like you, my girl friend and I have "large" deposit, large for us anyway, and we won't be giving it away easily. However, I can't help thinking, as much as it pains me, that high houseprices, or there about, are here to stay. The Government have chucked the kitchen sink at this and it has seemed to work. So much for free markets. I'm hoping that after the election, maybe early 2011, something will give, but I'm not too optimistic. Interest rates will have to go up at some point but even then the Government, either Conservative or Labour or whoever, will no doubt make some sort of law, concession, subsidy, for existing homeowners/mortgagees to keep their low rates. I can't see that after the election it will all go tits up, rates will rise, QE will stop, then banks will stop lending ridiculous multiples and blah blah blah. It seems that every man (and woman) and his dog in the country want high house prices, aside from myself and most members that read these boards. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but this is tedious and teaching me the true meaning of frustration. Sorry if the above is slightly rantish and incoherant.
  22. Me too. Similar situation. I think there are far more people in the four zero bracket trying to buy their first house than most folks realise. The only problem with being older than the average first time buyer, aside from the time constraints of paying the ******* mortgage back, is that you are old enough to realise what a total and utter con the housing market has become. Knocking on the door of a quarter of a million for a crappy, cell-sized, three bedroom semi, with a square of clay for a garden. IN SOUTH ESSEX!!!!!!!! I earn 40k and thought I was doing alright, but the figures don't add up, even with a 25% deposit. Can't afford it, the maths says no, computer says no.......oh hang on a minute, the bank's computer will probably say yes, and they will lend me the money, even though the figures plainly show it is not affordable. Have a nice evening.
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